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Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc.

Industrial Inspection & Analysis (R) (IIA​) is an emerging, high growth inspection, testing, and analytical business seeking to build a national platform in order to serve a breadth of industrial sectors and geographies


United States

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Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc.® (IIA) is a high-growth industrial inspection and analysis company. IIA was founded in 2015 with a vision to build a best-in-class industrial inspection and certification company to serve an array of industrial sectors and sub-sectors.

Making the World Safer is our mission at IIA, and that mission extends to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. We are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and to helping our customers do so as well. We are proud to support our clients’ clean energy projects and initiatives. Across every industry we serve, we offer inspection and engineering services that promote safety, efficiency, and compliance with all applicable regulations.

Products & Services
Plant Services

With decades of experience, our team provides nationwide services to operate, maintain and repair your systems. As a trusted partner to the paper and pulp industry clients turn to us for unmatched technical expertise and quick project turnaround to keep their paper and pulp mills running smoothly and reliably.

Our toolkit includes conventional and advanced non-destructive examination (NDE) to pinpoint and analyze cracks, corrosion, erosion and other damage in recovery boilers, piping systems, digesters, kilns — every corner of your plant. And our services don’t stop there. Our team is also experienced with the mechanical lift devices inside and outside the facility that support your operations. As a full-service company, our experts can assist with outage planning on the front end and follow up inspections with repair recommendations and engineering solutions. Learn more.

Certified Welding Inspectors

Our Certified Welding Inspectors make sure all necessary repairs are completed satisfactory and that the repair contractor is performing repairs in conformance with the contract and applicable codes. Our team can also help locate materials and parts as well as assist in repair recommendations and follow up on inspections.

Coating Testing

Coating testing is a critical part of the evaluation process when reviewing components and materials for safety, compliance, and durability. IIA’s experts offer a full range of laboratory testing to provide you with the fastest and most accurate, reliable results whether it be for safety, regulatory compliance, or to verify product specifications.

Our lab experts can conduct simulated/accelerated exposure and physical testing to ensure that your product's coating can stand up to extreme environments, impact, or abrasion. We have the capability to test a wide variety of components, from small screws to large housings and electric motors. You can count on our lab experts to know exactly what testing methods should be used for your project.

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