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A company that stemmed from an innovative idea - the WAND solution was developed & patented back in 2014 at the Ultrasonics & Non-Destructive Testing Group

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United Kingdom

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A company that stemmed from an innovative idea - the WAND solution was developed and patented back in 2014 at the Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing Group in the University of Bristol. Since then, we have had sensors deployed in volume across the globe.

What we do

We design, develop and manufacture in-house permanently installed, semi-automated internal corrosion and erosion monitoring systems for asset integrity. We provide our customers with a full selection of sensing, data acquisition and data analysis options to help them effectively manage internal corrosion and erosion.

Our services include:

Training and support

Correct installation of the sensors is essential in order to provide reliable ultrasonic thickness measurements over time. We offer comprehensive training in the installation of sensors and use of the WAND system and software, as well as installation support in the field.

Technical support

We can provide technical support for WAND system trials and deployments. This includes interpretation and analysis of your measurement data, as well as system configuration and troubleshooting.

R&D product development

We can develop the WAND technology to meet the needs of specific applications. For example, the technology can be tailored to larger probe-sensor distances, different ultrasonic frequencies, various types of structure. Our software can also be developed for integration with other asset management systems or different reporting formats.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

Products & Services
Thickness monitoring at scale

The WAND system enables accurate, thickness monitoring from thousands of locations on an asset at a fraction of the cost of competing permanent monitoring solutions and as a cost-effective alternative to manual ultrasonic testing. 

Managing high volumes of thickness measurement locations can be a significant challenge for operators and inspection teams. The conventional approach is for a specialist NDT inspector to manually take an ultrasonic measurement this involves preparing the surface, applying coupling gel, calibrating the ultrasonic probe and aligning it to get a good ultrasonic reading. The process takes time and is prone to human error, resulting in data that cannot be accurately trended.

Fully automated, wireless, permanently installed monitoring systems have a high unit cost, making them nonviable for  large volumes of thickness measurement locations.

The WAND technology is ideal for cost-effective deployment in volumes

The WAND system has been designed to overcome the limitations of manual ultrasonic testing and the costs associated with fully wireless permanently installed monitoring systems. The low-cost sensors can be installed on thickness monitoring locations. Thickness measurements can then be quickly acquired by anyone on the asset using the WAND handheld data collector or remotely using the WAND-RDC. The thickness data is accurate, repeatable and trendable which can support predictive maintenance decisions, reduce costs and increase asset safety.

Thickness monitoring remotely

The WAND system can be used to cost effectively acquire ultrasonic thickness data in remote and hard to reach areas

Taking ultrasonic thickness readings in remote or difficult to access areas can be a logistical and cost-intensive challenge for operators. Traditionally specialist NDT inspectors need to be transported to site, such as an oil rig, to take measurements. On top of the inspection costs there are costs associated with transport, bed space, permits and also accessing structures - scaffolding, removal of coatings, insulation..

Using the WAND-HDC thickness data can be acquired quickly and repeatably by non-specialist staff already on the asset. The sensors can be used under coatings, the ECHO accessory can be used for monitoring under insulation, and the REACH accessory can be used to take measurements off platforms at at height.

The WAND-RDC can be used to automatically acquire thickness data remotely from installed sensors at a pre-defined schedule. The data is then collected wirelessly at a distance of up to 200m away. Therefore keeping personnel out of harm's way.

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