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Independent NDT Limited

Independent NDT Limited began business in January 2001 to perform third party non destructive testing (NDT) on down-hole drilling inventory.


New Zealand

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Independent NDT Limited began business in January 2001 to perform third party non destructive testing (NDT) on down-hole drilling inventory. Independent performs inspections from the crown to the drill bit, and has been performing preventative maintenance inspections for New Zealand drilling operators since the company’s inception.

Independent NDT Limited has grown from a one-man operation, to a staff of seven trained NDT inspectors. This has allowed Independent NDT Limited to pursue a greater scope of operations within the industry in New Zealand. Each year Independent NDT Limited has shown strong growth. This trend is certainly not slowing down.


Taranaki is a region in the west of New Zealand's North Island and is the 10th largest region of New Zealand by population. It is named for the region's main geographical feature, Mount Taranaki. The main centre of the Taranaki region is the city of New Plymouth which has been voted the "Top City" in New Zealand.

The New Plymouth District has over 60% of the entire population of Taranaki. New Plymouth is located in North Taranaki along with Inglewood and Waitara. South Taranaki towns include Hawera, Stratford and Eltham.  Since 2005, Taranaki has used the promotional brand "Like no other".

Products & Services

Independent NDT Limited performs non destructive testing including:

  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT) for ferrous equipment, and
  • Liquid penetrant inspections (PT) for non-magnetic equipment
  • Of end area connections
  • Thread profile gauging and visual end area

UT connection inspection of both ferrous and non ferrous tools (to what is commonly referred to as an “API inspection”)

Further to this, dimensional checks are made for compliance to API Specification 7, for new rotary shouldered threaded connections, and also compliance to the used criteria for drill pipe and bottom hole assembly (BHA) such as T. H. Hill, Drill Stem 1, commonly referred to as T. H. Hill, DS-1.

Independent NDT Limited can inspect drill pipe, full length, using the Electronic Magnetic Induction method (EMI, buggy run) and critical areas with the latest Ultrasonic end area wheel to the following recommended procedure of API RP7G-2 and or to a T. H. Hill DS-1, drill pipe inspection category 5, if required, which encompasses the dimensional check of rotary shouldered connections, ultrasonic (UT) wall thickness measuring, EMI, MT inspections of the tubular outside diameter and connections, UTEA in compliance with that procedure.

"...We added the techsonic EZ II Ultrasonic end area wheel toperform category 5 inspections making Independent the only company in New Zealand able to perform this inspection"

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