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IKM Testing

IKM Gruppen currently employs approx. 3,000 employees and has a budgeted turnover for 2023 of NOK 5.2 billion. IKM consists of two legal groups, IKM Gruppen and IKM Invest AS.



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Our mission

 We will be the largest, most complete and most competitive service provider in the energy sector.

IKM Gruppen currently employs approx. 3,000 employees and has a budgeted turnover for 2023 of NOK 5.2 billion. IKM consists of two legal groups, IKM Gruppen and IKM Invest AS.

Products & Services
Conductor cutting and sectioning

IKM Testing has invested heavily in the latest technology in conductor cutting in connection with P&A! We have further strengthened ourselves in the area of ​​internal water/sand cutting of multi-string conductors under the seabed in accordance with Norsok and mechanical cutting and drilling for sectioning. Removal of conductors in the P&A phase is an important operation in connection with the shutdown of fields and the removal of installations. Our technology performs these operations faster and more cost-effectively than equipment that is traditionally used for this, and we have already established a framework agreement with the Operator Company for the performance of the service. 

Conductor removal can be broken down into three main phases: 

Phase 1: Cutting the multi-string conductor

Cutting of the conductor is carried out by lowering the specially built cutting head inside the conductor. The cutting head is lowered below the sea surface and clamped inside the conductor. Our new equipment, which is based on the very best in water/sand cutting, differs from current technology in several main areas; 

  • Double mixing unit. Ensures continuous operation during cutting operations - no downtime when refilling cutting sand 
  • Cutting jet with surrounded air jet ensures that cutting speed is maintained even after penetration and influx of external elements
  • Latest technology within cut verification - Continuous monitoring of cuts

See our 3D animation video at the bottom of the article for a detailed description of the service. 

Phase 2: Topside cutting – preparation before sectioning

Before the sectioning operation starts, we carry out traditional cold cutting topside. This includes the removal of the centralizer and support under the cellar deck, removal around the Christmas tree and the wellhead area. The service is performed with traditional air-driven cold cutting equipment.

Phase 3: Topside conductor sectioning

IKM Technology, in collaboration with IKM Testing, has developed a very fast and reliable hydraulically driven dual-drilling machine for mounting lifting/locking pins. A typical operation is to drill approx. Ø100mm holes through the conductor from both sides at the same time. After lifting/securing pins have been installed, we use a hydraulically driven saw for the actual division/sectioning. The hydraulic saw has also been developed by IKM Technology and is specially designed for fast cutting of conductors where the combination of steel and concrete makes traditional cutting challenging. During lifting of the conductor, our in-house developed high-pressure washer ensures continuous cleaning and removal of marine growth on the conductor.  

Our expertise, experience and latest equipment investments make us a safe and cost-effective choice! 

See our 3D animation video at the bottom of the article for a detailed description of the service. 

IKM Testing conductor bandsaw and cleaning tool

3D animation of conductor cutting  and conductor sectioning procedures

At IKM Testing, we believe that 3D animation is a very effective way to demonstrate how we perform specialized downhole and subsea operations. Over the past decade, we have created an in-house 3D visualization team that produces animations for internal use and for clients. Please take a moment to watch the video below which explains in detail how our subsea conductor cutting works. To see more animations produced by IKM 3D, please visit our showcase page: .


IKM Testing performs all services related to preservation, covering and solutions for the protection and life extension of equipment and materials.

We work together with the customer to be able to optimize solutions, reduce costs in order to be able to offer the most optimal solution for each individual customer.

We can carry out inspections, condition checks and engineering at our customers' premises, as well as carrying out preservation work both on and offshore.  

IKM Testing has its own subsidiary that produces special covers for all types of equipment, which are sewn or welded to measure with unique properties that make them very durable and resistant to extreme weather and various climate conditions.

In addition, IKM Testing has a large selection of preservation products (VCI) that delay the corrosion process by up to 95%.

We supply preservation products through our subsidiary IKM Alfa Solution 

  • Shrink plastic
  • Protective features
  • Preservation (VCI)
  • Viscoelastic coating / wrapping
  • Nitrogen services
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Pipe handling / Pipe storage
  • Flange protection
  • Reporting / Documentation
  • Engineering
  • Execution _
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