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IKM Inspection AS

IKM is a complete service provider for the Energy Industry.

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IKM is a complete service provider for the Energy Industry. The group currently employs approx. 3,000 employees and has a budgeted revenue of 5,2 billion NOK for 2022. IKM has over the years managed to combine strong growth with positive earnings. IKM has also succeeded in providing a safe work place for its employees and has become a reliable contractor for its customers. Their wide range of services has made IKM unique as a complete service provider related to the Energy Industry on the NCS.

Products & Services
Smart ROV Operations

IKM Subsea core services are within Installation, Rig Drill Support, IMR (Inspection Maintenance & Repair), Decommissioning, Utilities and Communication. IKM Subsea is widely known for its electrical ROV-experience and the increasing operational advantages this provides for the clients. The fleet consists of more than 22 electrical Work Class ROVs and 4 Observation Class ROVs. These are supported from 4 operational Onshore Control Centre (OCC) based in Norway and Singapore. 


  • Operational Support
  • Engineering

Rig Drill Support

  • Well intervention and completion.
  • Operational support incl. IMR
  • Engineering

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Vessels (IMR)

  • Project Management
  • Commissioning of new subsea assets
  • All types of inspections and surveys
  • Maintenance and repair of subsea assets
  • Delivery of special tooling


  • Cleaning
  • Inspection

Increased operational efficiency with IKM Subsea Residential ROV

IKM Subsea’s proven Residential ROV solution has revolutionized traditional subsea operations. The clients have experiencing increased production recovery and improved rig utilization with greatly reduced downtime due to bad weather. This in addition to further added value factors, including reduced HSE and personnel requirements.

Electrical ROV fleet

Increased operational efficiency with our WROV and Residential ROV

We are the one in the industry with the longest experience with electric ROVs

We were the first to develop electric ROVs (Read more about our strategy for development here) Our fleet has an impressive operational uptime and is constantly evolving.

IKM Subsea’s ROV design known as the ‘Merlin’ system within the subsea industry, represents a state-of-the-art electrically powered work class ROV.  This in-house technology has been developed since 2000. Merlin has a documented track record. With operational expertise, IKM Subsea delivers ROV operations with high uptime that increases operational efficiency and reduces cost and carbon footprint.

IKM Subsea Fleet:


  • Power: 200 HP
  • Dept Rating: 3000 MSW
  • Compact features
  • Electrical Propulsion
  • 4 Merlin Ultra Compact Vehicle
  • 1 Merlin Residential UCV


  • Power: 200 HP
  • Dept Rating: 3000 MSW
  • Open frame
  • Electrical Propulsion
  • 17 Merlin WR200

Observation ROVs

  • 5 Class I & II
  • Mini-ROV´s on demand

Residential ROV

There is no such thing as bad weather with an IKM Subsea RROV (With a World record of 100+ days submerged)

Key features:

  • Increases production recovery due to improved rig utilization
  • Exceptional uptime
  • Documented track record
  • Reduce HSE risk

General electrical WROV features:

  • In-house Technology
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Future Technology
  • R&D Focus


  • Redundancy
  • Maneuverability
  • No overheating

Green Design:

  • Less oil
  • Electric trusters
ROV Tooling (Rental/Webshop)

Tools that save time and resources

All our tools are of high quality and experience through several years of practice. The tools are among the lightest in the industry and do not require any additional personnel to operate. Get in touch if you are unsure which tool is best suited.

ROV-Tooling for rental:

Subsea Saws

For cutting risers and steel profiles up to 425 mm.

Diamond Wire Saws

Durability and maneuverability.If you need to cut elements up to 1100 mm.

Softropes, umbilical, hoses, and cable cutting

Versatile and lightweight. Tools developed to serve a wide range of cutting needs.

Valve Stab, Hot Stab and Hoses

We use Blue Logic valve/hot stab systems, this is the industry-leading supplier for subsea hydraulic connections.

Multi-Purpose Tool For Cleaning And Cutting

Our Multi-Purpose tools are exactly what they say, simple rugged tools for many purposes.

Subsea Drill

Our Subsea Drill is based on our subsea saw, including construction and hydraulic system. We have many different options from 10 – 152mm, from standard drill bits to custom solutions.

Fluid And Gas Sampling

The Subsea Fluid Sampler with valve panel is a low-pressure fluid sampler unit that facilitates a cost-effective solution to collecting fluid samples subsea.

Handling And Lifting

We have a wide range of Subsea Baskets and lifting platforms which all have DNV. 2.7.3 Certification.

Well Head Tools

Our AX/VX Ring tools come in both mechanical and hydraulic versions, they are light and easy to operate. The standard size is 18-3/4 but we supply other sizes on request.

ROV Magnets and Suction Pads

Our Subsea Magnets are easy to use and come with a fishtail handle as standard. Two models are available, 450Kg and 1000Kg.

Miscellaneous Equipment

We have collected some of our smaller subsea tools under this category, these tools may give you a helping hand in your operations.

ROV Handles, Rubber joint, And Adapters

We keep all our standard ROV Handles in stock, deliver on short notice, and have competitive prices.

Subsea Compensators

Our Subsea Compensators are general-purpose spring compensators for underwater hydraulic systems. It provides a given volume and pressure for oil-filled subsea equipment.

Custom, Bespoke, and Special Tooling

Throughout the years we have helped many of our clients to develop custom and special subsea tooling. We have a good track record of finding simple and cost-effective ways to meet the client’s needs.

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