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IJssel Predictive Maintenance

We are IJssel. We have been making smart factories since 1993. We realize, maintain and improve factories with the aim of keeping the industry in the Netherlands in a sustainable way. Every production company has its own specific issues.



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Continuous improvement, that's what we're good at at IJssel. You can even call it our passion. We improve production processes and results for many great clients. Always together, as your partner in smarter production, and always based on the IJssel model.

With IJssel Technology you get more return from production.

Today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today. We have lived up to this credo since 1992, together with our clients. We standardize, optimize and innovate, especially in manufacturing companies. Not at a distance, but always together and as part of your organization.

We can also implement, maintain and continuously improve the smart solutions that we devise together. After all, in addition to clever heads and organizational talent, we also have clever hands. From business experts to mechanics, IJssel has them of the highest level. A unique combination in the sector.

Products & Services

IJssel technology stands for maintenance without unnecessary downtime. We continuously strive for this with our customers. We get the most out of a production stop, ensure that maintenance is carried out preventively and thus prevent unplanned downtime.

Prevent downtime with preventive maintenance

If your maintenance is not in order, there is a good chance that your production lines will come to a standstill unintentionally. Downtime costs money. Within the field of maintenance we also call this RTF: Run to Failure. The machine park continues to run until something breaks, only then is maintenance intervention carried out. You can avoid this with preventive maintenance.

We support, advise or take maintenance completely out of your hands

IJssel is great in production stops and installation stops. We support, advise or take this completely off your hands. Proper stop preparation and stop coordination are an important part of preventive maintenance. Of course you would rather not stop a factory, but this is often unavoidable. For example, because adjustments have to be made in the production line, assets are overhauled or inspected for certification or major maintenance is required. With the help of IJssel you can use these stops more effectively, with good coordination we regularly manage to reduce stops that would last three weeks to two weeks. That's a week's profit, we don't have to explain that this week is synonymous with more production and therefore more turnover. In addition, planned stops are the ideal time to perform preventive maintenance, so that unplanned stops can be avoided. So win-win.

The next step to Smart Maintenance

IJssel often goes one step further and we even prefer to talk about Predictive Maintenance. With Predictive maintenance we also prevent unnecessary maintenance stops and stops are scheduled when they are really necessary. We call this Smart Maintenance. With Smart Maintenance we only carry out maintenance when this is actually necessary. Maintenance based on the objective status of the machine or Condition bases maintenance. This can be done with visual checks or with the help of the smart software package, UpTimeWorks, developed by IJssel. With UpTimeWorks we know how to combine maintenance data and analyzes and we can determine what a machine does or does not need at that moment. This ensures that the Predictive Maintenance comes at the right time, not too early and not too late.


The major benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • Prevents unnecessary downtime
  • Prevents product loss and production loss
  • The risk of major defects is reduced, which also keeps maintenance costs lower
  • Planned instead of reactive
  • Efficient
  • Improved security

We use the IJssel model

IJssel likes to go one step further. At IJssel we use the IJssel model when it comes to Smart maintenance. What does this model entail?

  1. Standardize using 1 or 2–annual maintenance scan. You can think of scheduling necessary Preventive or Predictive production stops. The profit on maintenance is then optimally achieved on efficiency.
  2. Then Proactively optimize to prevent the cause of a possible downtime.
  3. And ultimately innovate your machinery into a desired Excellent Maintenance strategy.

Starting at the beginning: a maintenance scan

The basis is always standardization, we can build on that. We always start at the beginning: our maintenance scan. We make a blueprint of the current situation and identify the main bottlenecks. We then create a roadmap in which we record where we want to go and how we are going to get there. The first station of this roadmap is always standardization. We need a solid foundation that works. Then we get to work on optimization and innovation. We always work together on this. Do you need our expertise for lubrication maintenance or the realization of an optimal production line? Then that's totally fine too. You can contact IJssel to realize your desired maintenance strategy as efficiently as possible?

Lubrication maintenance

Lubrication maintenance: the most underestimated form of machine maintenance

Lubrication maintenance is perhaps the most underestimated form of machine maintenance. Even at renowned, international production companies, we see a lack of priority – and with it the specialist knowledge, structure and proper implementation.

From bottleneck to base

Lubrication maintenance is done 'on the side' at many companies and is therefore of substandard quality. Too little or too much, incorrectly applied or no idea at all of the lubrication needs of parts; all factors that slowly destroy a machine. It makes lubrication maintenance the bottleneck of many machines.

Lubrication maintenance with IJssel

  • Keep critical machines running
  • Reduce downtime, extend service life
  • Good lubrication plan, the basis for predictive and proactive maintenance
  • Lubrication schedules and tasks in a handy app
  • Specialized lubrication engineers
  • Purchasing and/or stock management (optional)
  • Lubrication Control Unit (optioneel)
  • Lubrication maintenance training (optional) 

5 must-haves for lubrication maintenance

1. Lubrication plan

First of all, we make a good lubrication plan based on the user profile, our knowledge, experience and recommendations of lubricant and machine suppliers.

2. All information in your pocket

All lubrication schedules and lubrication tasks from the lubrication plan are given a place in  UpTimeWorks , this software is the hub of all the data we collect for you. With the app, the lubrication engineers always have the right information in their pocket.

3. Always clean lubricant and instrument

We are product-independent and therefore only use the best fats and oils for your machines. But we pre-filter even the best oils, so that they enter the machine in the purest form. Before we get there, we take a critical look at the lubricating instruments. We say goodbye to all open jugs and funnels. Details make the difference.

4. Keep clean

We offer a standalone, custom Lubrication Control Unit (LCU). This unit has a maximum of 16 tap points, all of which are equipped with their own pump, filter (3μm) and vessel connection. The LCU can, if desired, function autonomously thanks to its own electricity supply.

Benefits Lubrication Control Unit:

  • No more contaminated lubricants
  • Comply with environmental standards
  • No more messy lubrication room
  • Error-free due to the use of color coding

5. Oil sampling as a 'health check'

With us, an oil sample is much more than a lubricant check. It is an overall health check of the machine, Condition Based Maintenance. Think of it like a blood test. In addition to the condition of the lubricants and additives, we also measure, for example, the degree of dirt and wear particles and the water content. With this information we get a better picture of the condition of the machine and we can carry out predictive and proactive maintenance – or advise on it.

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