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The company was formed with the vision of introducing new innovative methodologies along with technology to the oil and gas industry where I learned from the aviation industry.


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IFE NDT was founded by my wife and I to assist businesses in making the best-educated decision on their tested assets. The company was formed with the vision of introducing new innovative methodologies along with technology to the oil and gas industry, where I learned from the aviation industry.

We kicked off our company with our customized software, Proflow NDT Management Suite, that provides detailed results, tracking of assets and permission levels for our customers.  Our team quickly offered mobile services to accomodate our customers wherever they might need testing.

Soon, our reputation as a thorough and detailed Inspection company with highly professional trained technicians performing the work spread throughout the US.

Today we have multiple mobilization testing units and multiple dedicated testing facilities to meet our customers needs. We strive to provide the latest in technology solutions, competitive pricing and top notch technicians who can educate our customers; so you can make the best business decisions with real data and information.

Our technicians are trained professionals that are always learning and educating our internal team to bring out the best solutions for everyday testing challenges.

I am proud of the professional team my wife, Jamie, and myself have built today and continued customer services we provide.  Contact us if you are looking for NDT Testing/Inspection solutions for your business, we would love to partner up with you and provide you with exceptional services to get you on the job with Safety and Quality!

Products & Services
NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

Many NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) methods are utilized in the oil and gas inspection industry. The best NDT methods address issues regarding safety, equipment reliability, and environmental protection and government regulations. The greatest benefits that NDT service provides are that

(a) Equipment for transporting petroleum products (such as a pipeline) can be inspected without making any structural changes;

(b) Equipment is not disturbed during NDT; therefore there is neither a reason to shut down nor to interrupt operations.

Popular NDT methods involve visual inspections, ultrasonic techniques, magnetic, penetrant, visual and eddy current testing.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a category of non-destructive testing (NDT) that applies high frequency sound waves to objects to detect flaws like cracking or to make measurements such as checking for density or thickness. Many plastics, ceramics, metals, woods, composites and concrete products can be tested or measured using this method, including plated items and alloys. One example application of this testing method is to measure the level of corrosion on a pipe. Ultrasonic testing is also commonly used to test the integrity of welds

When it comes to defect detection, some of the types of flaws that can be detected with ultrasonic testing include cracks, porosity, laminations/delaminations, inclusions, and more. Weld and bond integrity can also be determined with ultrasonic testing.

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