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Hughes Subsea Services Ltd

Hughes Subsea Services has earned an international reputation for providing an innovative and high-quality service; our clients appreciate our collaborative, flexible and responsive approach.


United Kingdom

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Hughes Subsea Services has earned an international reputation for providing an innovative and high-quality service; our clients appreciate our collaborative, flexible and responsive approach.

Hughes Subsea Services Limited was founded in 2019 and is a privately owned Limited Company, managed by a highly-skilled Subsea team with over 100 years of combined experience in Underwater & Offshore IRM/ Construction Projects. We benefit from a solid reputation within the industry for delivering added value in the form of safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Utilising innovative subsea techniques with modern robotic and remote tooling, our core service offering has evolved to include:

  • UXO Identification and disposal
  • Boulder Relocation and Debris removal
  • Commercial Diving Services
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Technologies
Products & Services
Boulder Relocation and Debris Removal

Combining our expertise with the latest remote technology, we deliver industry-leading solutions

Boulders and debris can pose a significant challenge or developers, potentially leading to extensive layout alterations and rerouting; adding considerable time and expense. Our industry-leading techniques offer a highly efficient solution to the challenge of boulder relocation and debris clearance on site. Applying our years of experience, we created the Subsea Multi-Tool (SMT) ROV; a powerful, cost-effective and flexible deployment platform capable of satisfying various subsea requirements.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Identification and Disposal

We are the market leaders in providing UXO Identification and disposal services and have been involved in these operations since 2009.

Subsea EOD projects present a considerable challenge, even under the best of circumstances. At Hughes Subsea, we thrive under the pressure of operating in these challenging conditions, and we provide clients across the globe with an EOD capability second to none. Hughes has company membership to the Institute of Explosive Engineers, helping to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation and discussion within the UXO industry. Our own Explosive Licence, to acquire and keep explosive stores, allows us to provide our client with a greater level of flexibility to ensure the project critical path remains unaffected.

Our expanded capabilities include UXO search and identification, UXO disposal and relocation, as well as Free From Explosive (FFE) and As Low As Reasonably (ALARP) Certification Services.

UXO ROV Services

Whether using Work-Class and Observation-Class ROVs, Tracked ROVs or dive techniques, our team can provide the necessary expertise required for these complex projects; in docks, rivers, nearshore or offshore Hughes always deliver.

As well as identification of pUXO using the latest advanced subsea technology, we provide in-situ destruction or physical removal of ordnance using remote intervention techniques or experienced EOD divers.

Hughes’ ability to provide both survey and EOD expertise, in-house, again streamlines and improves Project timelines for our Client. This facilitates the speed at which Hughes can adapt if challenges arise.

UXO Identification and Disposal Services

Search and ID

Using the latest innovative search techniques to find metallic anomalies and then to positively identify whether it is UXO or not. Hughes has the skills, expertise and technology to locate and positively ID no matter what the challenge, whether black water or buried at depth in the seabed.


If required disposal can be conducted utilising a range of EOD techniques to remove the site of any explosive hazard, therefore, allowing the project to continue. Hughes has the technology and expertise to offer high order, low order or relocation techniques by both diving and ROV.

Certification Services

As a market leader Hughes is proud to be able to provide the certification and report throughout the life cycle of the project. This includes Target Information Reports, Free From Explosive certification and, once all work has been completed, Hughes are able to sign off the projects site with certification stating the risk from UXO is now As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP).

Further to this service, Hughes is able to, at short notice, deploy personnel to confirm and deal with arisings (parts of UXO) that have been recovered inadvertently i.e during dredging operations stopping vessels entering port or continuing operations.

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