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Company providing Inspection Services for Non-destructive Testing on Static Equipment and Mechanical Integrity Evaluation Services.



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High Tech NDT,  began its work in 1988, opening its doors as a specialized equipment supply company for the general industry (Trading). Later, in 1993, the Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Department began its work, two years later the Department of Engineering and Specialized Services in NDT opened. And then in 1998 the Technical Service Department. For itself, the Energy and Water Division began in 2004, thus committing itself to its Clients in respecting the fundamental values ​​that support it, such as:

  • The Quality of its Services.
  • Honest and Timely Response.
  • Work, Tradition and Trust.

Currently,  High Tech NDT  continues to develop its activities as a service company in the area of ​​Non-Destructive Testing and Cathodic Protection Systems.

Products & Services
Time of Flight Diffraction TOFD

Detect and measure defects through the amplitude of the sound reflection produced by the surface of the discontinuity.

The TOFD technique is based on the phenomenon of wave diffraction and measures the time of flight of waves diffracted from the end of a discontinuity (defect).  

When the wave beam collides with a defect, its surface generates a reflected wave, while its ends act as a new source of spherical wave points that propagate in all directions (diffracted waves).

Remote Field Testing

Detect the presence of internal and external deterioration that appears in the form of losses in the wall thickness of the heat exchanger tubes such as erosion, corrosion, perforations, breaks and wear.

Used for the inspection of ferromagnetic tubes (carbon steel) in heat exchangers and boilers, offering high sensitivity in the detection of volumetric defects caused by erosion, corrosion, wear and loss of thickness.

Using an inspection probe composed of two coils, one inductor and one receiver, where the inductor coil is excited with low-frequency alternating current and the receiver receives the signal resulting from a remote field that comes from the wall of the tube.

Between 200 and 400 tubes can be inspected per working day, considering their conditions and length.

Magnetic Particle Testing

MAGNETIC PARTICLE testing is a non-destructive testing method that allows the detection of surface or subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

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