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Hellier NDT

Our name has been respected in nondestructive testing for more than forty years and is a leading provider of NDT training and certification services.


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Our name has been respected in nondestructive testing for more than forty years and is a leading provider of NDT training and certification services.

Whether you’ve been considering a career in NDT or want to add to your inspection certifications portfolio, Hellier NDT can help!

We have scheduled courses available at two locations: Houston, TX, and Anaheim, CA. We also offer online training programs which can be completed from the comfort of your home with practicum hours completed onsite at your convenience.

Our team of experienced technical and management professionals offers Level III specialist services, including inspection capability, vendor surveillance/control, expert witness, applications engineering, and metallurgical and welding consultation.

Hellier NDT is the first step in starting a lucrative and rewarding job in NDT. Continue exploring the links on the left to get answers that many new students ask. When you’re ready to complete the next exciting step, you may complete the registration process on the NDT Training Enrollment page.

Products & Services
NDT Consulting Services

Our staff includes several well-known instructors in the NDT field who carry multiple Level III certifications. They are proven instructors and specialists with many years of experience and have broad experience encompassing many industries and product types. They are available to assist when there are critical problems to solve or when project needs demand additional expertise.

Authorized Independent Outside Agency (AIOA) / Level III Services

Our elite team of consultants can aid you with a wide variety of specialist services. For example, we can augment your technical capabilities for special projects, design cost-effective and reliable procedures, or supply expert manpower to help you through particularly heavy workload periods. We can also assist you as arbitrators in examination disputes. Learn about AIOA Level 3 Services


We can provide auditing and surveillance services of your vendors or internal programs. Services offered include complete quality system audits or auditing specific areas such as certification, welding, and nondestructive testing. We can also assist in the preparation of QA manuals and supporting QC procedures if required. Learn about NDT Auditing Services.

Expert Witness

We have experts who are available to assist in litigation and other cases involving legal procedure and product liability. For a list of current and past clients, contact Hellier NDT.

Radiation Safety

The safe handling of radiation-producing equipment is of critical importance to everyone involved in radiography. To help secure a safe workplace, we also have experts available for Radiation Protection Officer consultation. We can even develop specific safety procedures, and prepare the necessary radiation safety manual, if required.


Our consultants can help your organization develop the skills necessary for welder qualification, and review your current welding procedures for code compliance, safety, and effectiveness. We can also prepare welding procedures for you, including those for particularly challenging geometries or environments. Our experts can assist in selecting the welding materials best suited to your applications and budget.

NDT – Courses & Inspection Training

The Hellier / CodeWest names are some of the most respected brands for NDT and API training. All NDT courses can be presented in English and Spanish. Any course (NDT or API exam prep course) can be offered at any Hellier office or on site at the customer’s location.

A greater discount is available with registrations of 3 or more students at the same time. Please call or email us for more information. 281-873-0980 or

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