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Hawker Pacific Aerospace

For more than half a century, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been a leading independent international maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider.


United States

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For more than half a century, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been a leading independent international maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider. Hawker Pacific Aerospace is specialized in the maintenance of landing gears and associated hydraulic components. Since 2002, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been a 100% owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Technik AG.

At its headquarters located near the Burbank Airport in California, Hawker Pacific Aerospace employs a workforce of approximately 350 employees. Hawker Pacific Aerospace offers at its 207,000 square foot facility FAA- and EASA-certified services for all major commercial and regional aircraft types. The company has a broad product portfolio and extensive in-house process capabilities which enable it to provide cost-effective lean processes and impressively quick turnaround times.

The company has its own Aircraft on Ground (AOG) team available to support customers 24/7. Over 21,000 spare part numbers are available at any time, either individually or in complete sets. 


Our Mission is to provide unique landing gear services to customers worldwide by exceeding their expectations in service and value. Our products must have the highest quality, and delivery must be on time. We will strive to develop our expertise, bring constant innovation to our specialization, and further enhance our technology leadership. 

Vision and Values

We deliver best value for money through efficiency in overhaul processes, DER-Repairs, PMA-Usage and experience. Other pillars of success are maximal flexibility, reliability, outstanding quality as well as the excellent customer service. The combination of curiosity, knowledge and enthusiasm leads to new solutions and improved processes.

Commitment to Compliance

Hawker Pacific Aerospace is part of the globally active Lufthansa aviation group, which stands for competition, integrity, and responsibile behavior. This is also our approach. Our clearly defined principles state that we would decline business rather than come into conflict with the law.

Every employee at Hawker Pacific Aerospace, our customers, and our vendors must be aware of the extraodinary risks posed by a corruption or antitrust case to Hawker Pacific Aerospace, the respective company, or themselves as individuals.

We are called upon to keep our eyes open in our daily acting and our areas of responsibility.

Products & Services

 A full life for your engines

You want your engines to remain efficient and on wing as long as possible – so do we!

Fast ad-hoc engine repairs anywhere around the globe and a network of repair stations and overhaul facilities are the basis for this performance. The scope of work ranges from repair and overhaul of parts and modules to single and major engine events and even complete fleet optimization programs. Our innovative processes and repair technologies are appreciated by customers and manufacturers alike – scrapping parts is definitely the last resort for us. And for maximum power, our Total Engine Support (TES®) is available throughout the entire life of your engine fleet.

Engine Repair

Engine Repair and Overhaul

Set up for great performance

Have an engine that is due for a major overhaul event? Welcome to one of our workshops! We not only operate one of the largest workshops for the repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft engines worldwide – we also team up with engine manufacturers. Several partnerships provide overhaul capabilities for a broad range of engine types. The use of lean principles shortens turnaround times, while development of new repair procedures avoids the high costs of scrapping and replacing parts. Thanks to our technical capabilities and innovative solutions, we can significantly extend the life of your engines. And, if needed, you can utilize our extensive spare engines pool to keep your fleet running.


The benchmark in composites: ARC

We have the capabilities and know-how to maintain all composite and bonded materials used in modern aircraft. Our service portfolio comprises the testing, repair, maintenance, overhaul and modification for nacelles, radomes and flight controls. In addition, you can rely on comprehensive spare parts supply, asset management, pooling concepts, contract management, manufactured parts (21 G) and engineering.

Licensed by the original equipment manufacturers for all repair levels and developing our own approved innovative repair procedures, we carry out repairs in cases where others would be forced to scrap the component. Based on a knowledge that we have acquired over decades, we also invest in the future to support modern fleets of any size and mix. Our composites specialists are all driven by the same goal: to provide you with high-quality services for nacelles and other composite parts at low cost.

With over 20 years of composite experience and a continuously expanding product portfolio covering MRO services and asset availability solutions, we are the most reliable and flexible partner to suit your airline's needs. Get in touch with us to explore our innovative solutions

Berit Plewinsky

Senior Director Product Sales & Fulfillment Single Events and Closed Loop EMEA

Service capability

Advanced composites and bonded materials are used in many structures of today's modern aircraft. We offer comprehensive repair and overhaul services for the most delicate technologies.

Infografik Composite structures

Composite Structures: Asset Management

A pool of spares

Whenever you need a spare nacelle part, radome or flight control surface – we are almost certain to have it on stock and offer it for loan, exchange and sale according to your needs. Customer satisfaction in all aspects of your operations is our biggest business driver. That's why we operate one of the largest pools for composites of the world.

Our solution AVIATAR MRO-Management is your single source solution for all part and tool demands. The application provides transparent availability of all materials – currently including LRUs (Line Replaceable Units),  ARCs (Aircraft Related Components), C&E (Consumables & Expendables) and tools. You can search for part numbers or descriptions, find alternative materials and filter for certificates, condition or location. Quotations can be requested directly through the application.

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