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Gulfnde Industrial Services

NDT Trainings, Certification & Services Provider.



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Gulfnde Industrial Services is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company in India for Nondestructive testing, Third party inspection, Consulting Services, and Training & Certification in NDT and Welding Inspection related technologies to clients in manufacturing, processing, heat treatment, in-service inspection of nuclear, automobile, fabrication of structures, oil & gas exploration companies, petroleum refineries, cross country pipelines in India and abroad.

Gulfnde Industrial Services has been providing their value added Inspection and Certification Services to the Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations involved in Onshore, Offshore, Marine & Civil activities. It is a professional organization backed by devoted, highly qualified and experienced personnel. We provide a broad spectrum of customer-oriented certification and inspection services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Gulfnde Industrial Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. is organizing and conducting world class NDT level 1, 2, Welding inspector and other materials testing, inspection technology training and certification courses. The institute is recognized internationally for being the most experienced ASNT NDT Level III trainers, welding inspectors. Explore our training, certification and professional development offerings and discover a wealth of resources to help you to reach the quality targets.

Gulfnde Industrial Services is catering instruments & tools to needy customers and industries by supplying high quality NDT Equipments, Accessories, and consumables that meet international codes, specifications and standards. Currently we sale and supply all types of NDT equipments, dye penetrant chemicals including penetrants, solvent cleaners, developers, stationery dye penetrant systems, fluorescent black light assemblies, magnetic including yokes, high end machines for crack detection, powders, mpi accessories.

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