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GB Inspection Systems Limited

GB Inspection Systems has a global presence and a quality reputation for successfully supplying and servicing customers in many countries worldwide, with future expansion planned into countries not currently serviced.

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United Kingdom

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GB Inspection Systems Limited is a leading UK manufacturer and designer of ultrasonic probes and accessories. We supply NDT equipment and consumables and provide a repair and calibration service covering most types of NDT equipment.

Established over 30 years and with a worldwide customer base from a wide range of industries which include - Power Generation, Gas, Oil, Mining, Nuclear, Military, Railway, Metals, Insurance, Validation, Aerospace and General Industry.

Products & Services
Ultrasonic Probes and NDT Equipment & Consumables

Leading UK manufacturer and designer of ultrasonic probes and accessories. We supply NDT equipment and consumables and provide a repair and calibration service covering most types of NDT equipment.

Single Crystal Compression Wave 0° Probes

  • Single 0° direct contact probe with either ceramic, steel or replaceable protective membrane or delay line probe.
  • Compression (longitudinal) waves.
  • Good sensitivity and resolution power.
  • Single Crystal Soft Face Range (SCSF) for use on rough or uneven surfaces.

Twin Crystal Compression Wave 0° Probes

  • 0° Twin direct contact probe.
  • Transmit and Receive compression (longitudinal) waves.
  • Good sensitivity and resolution.
  • Probe shoes can be contoured to suit geometry of test piece.

Angle Beam

  • Angle beam direct contact shear wave probes.
  • Available in Sub miniature, Miniature, Large and Extra large versions.
  • Excellent sensitivity and exceptional resolution.
  • Manufactured with a Stainless Steel metal case.
  • High Performance Range also available.
  • Choice of various connectors.

Twin Shear Wave

  • Ideal for near surface detection and thin material.

Angle Compression

  • For Inspection of coarse grain material such as Castings or Austenitic material welds and cladding.
  • Gives high signal to noise ratio when standard shear wave probes cannot be used.
  • Range available in Single, Twin, Miniature, Large and Extra Large.
  • Various connectors available.

High Temperature Probes

Railway Axle & Track

  • GB Inspection Systems offers a range of approved high performance and long life axle and track testing probes.
  • Each probe supplied is given a certificate of calibration and calibration label.
  • Approved Supplier for Network Rail.

Probe Cables and Accessories

  • All Cables are manufactured and tested to the highest standard using high quality component giving you the best performance and reliable long life.
  • The standard length of a cable is 2 meters.
  • Special Cables are available upon request, including length and design.

Calibration Blocks :

  • Calibration Blocks can be manufactured out of a material you specify for example; Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and full traceability is guaranteed.
  • Industry standard and special calibration blocks, tube, bar, billet etc. are all available upon request.

Special Build Probes & Bespoke Probes:

  • Designed and Built to customer's request.
  • Built to customer design/specification.
  • Latest manufacturing technology.
  • Our Special Build Range includes Creep Wave, Boiler Tube and also Custom Contouring is available.
NDT Equipment

GB Inspection Systems Limited supplies ALL makes of Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and M.P.I. equipment.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors and Thickness Meters :

  • Digital Flaw Detectors: all the leading makes available
  • Portable & Integrated Systems
  • Digital Thickness Meters
  • We offer a wide range of Ultrasonic Flaw and Thickness Meters available to suit your purpose.

Eddy Current Equipment :

  • Eddy Current Crack/Flaw Detectors: all the leading makes
  • Portable & Intergrated Systems
  • Locators and Material or Grade verification

M.P.I Equipment & Consumables :

  • Magnetic Ink & Contrast paint
  • Electro-magnetic yokes
  • Permanent magnets
  • Test Weights
  • Magnetic Flux indicators
  • Gauss meters
  • Settlement Flasks
  • Light Meters
  • UV Meters
  • UV Lamps
    And more...

Dye Penetrant Consumables :

  • Dye
  • Developer
  • Remover
  • Protective Gloves
  • Test Panels / Test Samples
    And more...
Railway NDT

GB Inspection Systems have supplied, serviced and calibrated Railway Non Destructive Test Equipment for over 25 years, consequently we have built up considerable knowledge and expertise of both Permanent way Rail Track testing and Railway Axle Testing.
A range of products are available in both fields - All designed, manufactured / supplied for their specific use and therefore suitability and performance can be guaranteed.

Get a better on-time service with GB Inspection.

Railway - Track Testing

Ultrasonic Probes :
GB Probes are designed for the inspection of Rail Track giving high performance used in conjunction with the modern digital flaw detectors.
We also offer a full Repair and Calibration Service on used probes, blocks and equipment.