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As a global pioneering and innovative thermal imaging technology brand, FOTRIC deeply integrates smart thermal imaging technologies and IoT sensors.

United States

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Located in Texas, U.S., FOTRIC is a listed innovation-driven thermography manufacturer (Stock code: 831598) engaging on intelligent sensing solutions to defect detection and condition monitoring for manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, storage of coal, Li-ion batteries, and waste, electric utilities, oil & gas, buildings, and R&D in over 50 countries. Since its establishment, FOTRIC has always focused on the precision of temperature measurement and high-quality thermal imaging. As a high-tech enterprise, FOTRIC successfully passed ISO: 9001, FCC, CE, and KC certificate tests. We have become a leader in the thermal imaging industry, committing to permanent innovation by merging cutting-edge technologies with thermography. To create a reliable sales channel and sound technical support network to serve global customers, FOTRIC has established a worldwide distributors network in dozens of countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia, Taiwan, and many more. FOTRIC`s vision is to constantly evolve our thermal imaging technology and provide more granular data for professionals to make more informed decisions to save more lives and livelihoods.
Products & Services
FOTRIC 348A handheld thermal camera

The FOTRIC 348A is an advanced handheld thermal camera, designed for professionals to improve maintenance efficiency in Electric industry, Oil and gas, and Manufacturing industries.
Its 640 x 480 thermal resolution and 30mk NETD enable superior imaging display on 5” LCD touch screen. Other advanced features like laser-assisted autofocus, inter-changeable Lens options, and powerful AnalyzIR report software, all boost the operational performance, making it an ideal tool for site inspections.

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The NaviTiR System is an AI-infused digital upgrade from the traditional thermal camera, including features like digitalized data management, automatic diagnosis, object identification, instant data synchronization, and one-click report generation. It perfectly assists thermal inspectors on every link of their assignment, from preparation to presentation.

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FOTRIC 616C R&D Station

The FOTRIC 616C R&D Station offers powerful, cutting-edge insights into your circuit boards, chips, and electronic equipment. It`s designed to discover problems before they happen.


Its 50μm Macro Lens and 50mk NETD enable detailed data of temperature distribution and microstructures such as chips. Other advanced features like streams radiometric video of 30Hz, ±2 °C or ± 2 %measurement accuracy, and powerful AnalyzIR Software on PC, all boost the operational performance, making it an ideal tool to optimize your circuit boards, chips, and more.

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