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Format NDT are an independent and proven non destructive testing company offering a wide range of specialist NDT services. Our independent non destructive testing company has a wealth of experience, having provided NDT examinations and services to UK companies for over forty years. Since commencement in 1976, our comprehensive and collective team of NDT engineers have provided services that remain unrivalled, all under the careful stewardship of Managing Director Brian Justice.

Choosing from an array of NDT companies can be a daunting task, but acquiring the right partner for your business’  non-destructive testing needs is paramount.

It’s sometimes hard to avoid what sounds like a cliché but Format NDT have a proven track record of achievement and success in offering NDT services for decades throughout the UK, and further afield on many occasions. Whether operating from their substantive and well-equipped home base, situated close to the national motorway network, or out providing on site testing and examinations to meet the customer’s needs wherever they be, whenever they are needed, operating 24-7 comes naturally to Format NDT

What NDT services we offer

Offering a full range of NDT services we are experts in ultrasonic testing and radiographic testing, but our range of non-destructive testing capabilities extends further into dye penetrant testing, ferrite testing , hardness testing, visual inspection/Replication NDT & more. We have completed numerous non-destructive testing tasks for many large multi-nationals (as well as many smaller) and the experience and feedback that our skilled team has acquired over the years benefits our customers daily.


Naturally our NDT services benefit from the Format NDT Quality system which is fully compliant to ISO 9001 -2015. In addition, our skilled team of technicians are qualified up to level 3 over a range of examination services and compliant with ISO 9712 and SNT-TC [1-A (ASNT). But perhaps more important than the certification, qualification & experience of the Format NDT team is the eagerness to serve, ability to assess and willingness to ensure that customer service is paramount and underpins everything that we do. We recognise that every customer has a choice of non-destructive testing companies, and we want to ensure we are the partner of choice.

We're constantly expanding our range of services...

In later years we have expanded our range of services to fulfil our customers needs. Recently we’ve added hardness surveys, offering Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers readings.  We’ve also added ferrite testing and Replication to our ever expanding range of NDT inspection services. We don’t prescribe a solution best suited to our customer’s needs other than by a thorough understanding & review of their needs, no choice of engineer, technician or availability of testing machinery dictates our service offer, we simply offer the right solution to each individual customer’s needs.

Being from the North West we are a cheerful friendly team who love dealing with customers, are not averse to cold, damp, dark or demanding site conditions, and there aren’t many non-destructive testing needs that we haven’t fulfilled since our inception tracing back to the 1970’s.

If you want an NDT testing partner that will go the extra mile, and give you complete trust & confidence to get it right first time, every time and deliver on time and to budget we would love to be of service in the future.

Our Portfolio

We have completed hundreds of non destructive testing tasks for numerous large scale buildings (As well as many smaller) and we have lots of feedback that we want to share with you!

Products & Services
CE Marking

At Format NDT Ltd we understand how much weight the correct certification can carry. It is a great way for companies to showcase that their products are the right quality and that their staff have the relevant skills. We can help companies here by providing CE marking for welders as well as various welding procedures and products.

What is a CE mark?

This is a certification mark that indicates a product conforms to the standards set for products to be sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). It showcases that the product bearing the mark meets the right standards in terms of health and safety as well as environmental protection. Therefore, it is a mark of quality, safety, and reliability.

The Manufacturer’s responsibility

Manufacturers who want to sell products in the EEA should get the CE marking to showcase their compliance. Since 1st July 2014 all fabricated structural steel must have the mark. In the UK it is a criminal offence not to do so.

A manufacturer must:

• Do a conformity assessment

• Set up the technical file

• Issue the Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

• Add the CE mark to a product

Compliance to welding codes

Format NDT Ltd can work with businesses to ensure they can display CE marks and actually bring products to the market. We do this by ensuring that they comply with the right welding codes and standards for every aspect of welded components. For example we can certify that they satisfy the quality controls, offer the right quality assurance, and meet the right specifications.

We can provide certification for welding procedures as well as welders. This will ensure compliance with UK and American Standards, including BS EN 1091-1 (CE marks), BS EN ISO 9606, BS EN ISO 15614, and ASME IX.


There are several important reasons to get the CE marking and relevant certification for welders. This includes:

• Ensures your welders have the skills to meet the welding procedure specification.

• Gives you confidence the welded components you produce will meet the design requirements.

• Provides assurances of the quality.

• Reduces the risk of company liability.

Ask us about CE marking

You can get in touch with us if you have any questions about the CE mark or our services. Working with us is a great idea as it gives you access to our wealth of knowledge when it comes to certification and compliance with different standards. In addition, you can rely on us to provide fast inspections and testing.

Call 01744 816225 today to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form or email us directly at

Storage Tank Inspection

Format NDT Ltd is one of the foremost non-destructive testing specialists in the UK. We are an independent company and have decades of experience. Our goal is to offer the very best support and services to clients, ensuring we are their go-to partner for any kind of testing. While we excel in several areas, one where we always achieve the best results is storage tank inspection. We can effectively examine all kinds of above-ground vertical cylindrical steel tanks.

Why is inspection important?

These kinds of storage tanks are useful in an array of industries. For example they can be used to store oil, chemicals, feed-stocks, refinery products and more.

An incident that results in the failure of a tank could have serious consequences for the company. For example it could put people on and around the site in harm’s way. It could also have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. As a result, the issue could seriously damage the company’s reputation.

With all of the above in mind, it is important to inspect the tanks regularly to ensure they are in proper working condition. Integrity management can reduce the risk of issues and also help to maximise the lifetime value of the tanks. In addition, it can improve productivity and reduce downtime.

EEMUA 159/API 653

At Format NDT Ltd we take our responsibilities very seriously when we are inspecting these storage tanks. We work to the standard set out in EEMUA 159. This is the most comprehensive guide and identifies best practice for the inspection and maintenance of tanks that have been built to BS, EN, and API standards. By working to the standard, we comply with recommendations from all UK regulators. Our team also has API 653 qualified inspectors.

Inspection methods

We have an array of options for inspecting above-ground vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks. They include:

• Ultrasonic Thickness Surveying

• Eddy Current Inspection

• Vacuum Box Testing

• Dye Penetrant Inspection

• Magnetic Particle Inspection

All of these are non-destructive so there is absolutely no risk of damaging the tanks.

Arranging storage tank inspection

Many insuring authorities prefer that companies choose third party inspection for their storage tanks. Format NDT Ltd can provide this for clients and always work to the highest standards. We will report the findings of each inspection and also offer recommendations.

Contact us today at 01744 816225, via email on, or by completing our contact form. We can provide storage tank inspection all over the UK and beyond in some cases. So, rely on us to give you the most comprehensive testing.

NDT Consultancy & Customer Representation

Format NDT Ltd have on-site Quality Assurance liaison engineers fully conversant with plant and equipment. As NDT consultants, we can take effective action in the prevention of minor quality problems becoming large ones.

Our experienced personnel are trained to identify areas of non-conformance and take the necessary action on our customers’ behalf. With an in depth knowledge of most non-destructive-testing methods – coupled with quality assurance backgrounds – you can rely upon our integrity to apply the necessary corrective action before any potential problem escalates.

Quality Assurance

Reputation and quality is the ultimate business accolade. At Format NDT Ltd, your reputation is paramount to us. Problems can develop either on route or at your customers’ plant. As your Quality Assurance NDT Consultancy, we provide total quality control and take care of your components/parts as if they were are own.

Third Party Inspection

As with general day to day operations within our inspection scope, we can also provide qualified and impartial third party in-process and final inspection on any component. We will also retain any non-conforming parts thus preventing your eventual customer from receipt of defective products. Digital photographs can be provided to electronically forward images of defective products should this be a requirement.

As with all our disciplines of inspection we aim to offer a totally professional and reliable service to our customers.

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