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Focus NDT

Focus NDT is a diverse non-destructive testing and inspection company serving the mining, oil & gas and pulp & paper industries.



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Focus NDT is a diverse non-destructive testing and inspection company serving the mining, oil & gas and pulp & paper industries.  Founded in Ontario, we serve customers throughout North America and globally from our strategically located offices in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

We provide leading edge specialized services supported by an experienced and well-equipped team who consistently provide quality service and workmanship safely, reliably and competitively priced.

Our services are provided 24/7, 365 days of the year, on-site, in the field and at our four facilities.

Focus NDT is continually evolving to build our staff complement to respond to our industry's services and technological advancements and applications. 


Our senior staff has over 50 years experience in the NDT industry. These industries include and are not limited to;​

​Industries With Experience 

  • ​Mining
  • Bridge Inspection and Assessment
  • ​Heavy Equipment, Cranes,  and Lifting Devices
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Power Plants and Stations
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pipelines
  • Refining, Petrochemicals and Chemical Plants

 Other Industries

  •  Steel plant
  • Aircraft
  • Shipping
  • Rail
  • Ski lifts
  • Tank farms
  • OSB mills
  • Amusement parks
Products & Services
Asset Integrity Inspection

Focus NDT performs AIM North America wide industries like Oil and Gas, Mining, and Pulp and Paper. We specialize in asset integrity inspections for Tanks and Vessels.

Regular inspection is critical to Asset Integrity Management (AIM). AIM describes the methods and techniques for managing assets from individual pressure vessels, to industrial complexes like power plants and refineries. The goal of these inspections is to ensure the assets ability to perform its function effectively, efficiently and safely.

Corrosion Detection and Monitoring

Corrosion detection and monitoring is one of the most critical NDT services for saving on costs. Focus NDT has the experience to establish the necessary detection and monitoring programs that can save you money.

Regular reporting can reduce risk while monitoring accurate fitness for service. In many cases corrosion has little or no impact on specific equipment's operating rating. Since regular reporting and monitoring may be all that is prescribed by regulations and safety standards, an effective monitoring program is a very cost effective alternative to equipment repair, or availability downtime.

One significant feature of a comprehensive corrosion monitoring program performed using Map Scan techniques and the latest technology. Risk indicators include remaining wall thickness, the presence and growth of mid-wall anomalies or flux leakage on floor surfaces.

Since corrosion can cause a degradation in performance and an increase in risk, it is important to have a managed inspection schedule.

Corrosion Mapping

Corrosion monitoring is critical in detecting early warning signs of damage and degradation of metallic structures and components. It is a regularly used on tanks, pressure vessels and pipes.

Nearly every processing plant has critical infrastructure, above ground storage tanks and other equipment that can be impacted by corrosion. Focus NDT has the experience to establish the necessary detection, monitoring and regular reporting programs that reduce risk and monitor current fitness for service.

When corrosion is detected to be occurring it is critical to monitor risk factors.

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