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FN Diving

FN Diving performs worldwide underwater in situ, ship repair maintenance and inspection, reducing and avoiding off-hire time on vessels.



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Ship repair, maintenance and inspection

FN Diving performs worldwide underwater in situ, ship repair maintenance and inspection, reducing and avoiding off-hire time on vessels. Our technical department in cooperation with our operational teams react quickly and deploy the necessary equipment on customers demand within 24 hrs in the EU.

FN Diving Rotterdam is recognised by the major classification societies (IACS Members) for all related  In-water Surveys.

Our head office is based in the Port of Rotterdam, our operation field is worldwide.

FN Diving is also located in Algeciras and Cadiz in Spain for underwater services.

FN Diving teams carry out Underwater Inspections and Repairs in every harbour from Sweden until Brest (France) from our main base in Rotterdam.

24/7 Service

We are reachable 24/7 year round for full support and guidance regarding all underwater related operations.

Perfect communication and high standards are very important in performing underwater repair and inspection operations in the shipping sector.

Our people have committed themselves  to execute these jobs as cost effective and swift as possible with the highest standards and quality for operators and equipment worldwide.

By doing so we offer Safe, Swift, Highly Cost Effective and Class approved underwater repair and inspection solutions.

Products & Services
Underwater Bore Scope Inspections

Underwater Bore Scope Inspections

Borescopes are used underwater for visual inspection work where the target area is inaccessible by other means by diver , or where accessibility may require destructive, time consuming and/or expensive dismounting activities underwater or inside the vessel.

Similar devices to as endoscopes, Borescopes are mostly used in underwater nondestructive testing techniques for recognizing defects or imperfections or defects on Ship structures.

At FN Diving Bore scopes and special designed endoscopes are used for the inspection of overboards Sea chests and also Scrubber OB Pipes.

Bore scopes can be deployed from underwater or at the dry end of the system by our underwater inspection technician teams in order to assist with underwater inspection or repair operations in Port or at Sea.

For more info on underwater endoscopic or borescope inspections Contact FN Diving Rotterdam or Algeciras

CCTV inspections Class approved

Underwater CCTV inspections Class approved

Underwater CCTV inspections, underwater repairs and maintenance for the international merchant fleet.

Class Approved Underwater CCTV Inspections UWILD “Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking”, as an alternative to dry-docking inspection.

These underwater CCTV inspections are carried out by our class approved divers on underwater constructions and vessels with surface supplied air and specialized inspection equipment.

The underwater inspection by diver technicians with surface supplied air and an attending surveyor the certified commercial divers inspection team detect major damage and there inspection strategy includes all items normally examined if the vessel were dry-docked.

Underwater NDT Inspection
Underwater NDT Inspection
FN Diving performs the following underwater NDT Inspection methods  when needed with Diver Technicians holding CSWIP 3.1 up to 3.4.

  • MPI/Magnetic Particle Inspections
  • Eddy Current Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Inspections/Thickness measurements
  • FN Diving Underwater NDT instruments are calibration checked prior to each use to ensures accurate measuring information
NDT MPI Crack Testing
Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) crack testing involves determining the extent of a crack in ferrous metals which may not be visible to the eye. When the extremities of the crack are located often stop drilling technique is required or other supplementary preventative measures.
MPI crack testing can be carried out in the wet or dry using FN Diving magnetic particle inspection (MPI) UV crack testing system in combination with trained personnel.
Some cracks can extend above the water line requiring the MPI to be deployed above and below the water line and this is achievable using our MPI systems.
The identified linear indication is documented using underwater photography and real time video.

NDT Metal Thickness Measuring

Underwater Metal thickness measuring is commonly performed to determine the current state of the structure when compared to its original design whether for class or intermediate Survey of submerged objects.
FN Diving uses calibrated aproved thickness gauges for accurately measuring the metal thickness underwater in digital readout and is supported with the aid of underwater photography and video

Eddy Current
As eddy current is best used for detecting surface-breaking cracks. Its most practical applications relate to the in-service inspection of welded structures, that are subject to a cyclical loading that can lead to fatigue crack propagation in critical welded areas.

Eddy current is good for detecting surface-breaking defects. Eddy current can detect these defects through fairly thick coatings (up to 2 mm), underwater several scans of an individual weld must be performed to ensure a defect is not missed. Eddy current is an operator-dependent technique.
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