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Since our inception, First Source has indeed become the First Source for our OEM customers in the hi tech fields of Defense, Nuclear, Space and Aerospace in India.



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Since our inception, First Source has indeed become the First Source for our OEM customers in the hi tech fields of Defense, Nuclear, Space and Aerospace in India.

It has been our endeavor to meet the stringent quality requirements of our customers. Our sourcing contacts across the globe are continuously striving to identify newer and reliable sources for our esteemed customers. The nearly 2 decades of experience of the promoters have only helped to further this cause.

The flexibility that we bring to the table of our customers in terms of Indian Rupee Billing or Foreign Exchange Billing has come in for great appreciation from our customers.

As competition increases by the day, the faith reposed in us by our customers has only increased and this has enabled us to do what it takes to source for our customers.

We thank you for your time and looking forward to the pleasure of serving your requirements.

Products & Services
The Nested Neutron Spectrometer

The NNS is a light weight field portable Neutron Spectrometer which is capable of measuring neutron fluence spcetra from thermal to 20 MeV. The NNS has been tested in natioal laboratories power plants accelerator facilities and research labs.

Some benefits of the NNS include:

  • Light weight and field portable
  • Cylinders can easily be positioned upright on a flat stand
  • Quick configuration for measurements in demanding environments
  • Able to run in current mode for high flux environments

Radiation Detectors
  • High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Detectors
  • Silicon Charged Particle Detectors
  • Scintillation Detectors

ORTEC is a leading supplier of solid-state, high resolution, semiconductor radiation detectors. These radiation detectors are used in research, commercial industry, environmental protection, health and medical physics, as well as homeland security to detect gamma-rays, X-rays, and charged particles.

As an industry pioneer, ORTEC was the first detector company to develop in-house high purity germanium (HPGe) crystal manufacturing in the early 1970’s. Since then the company has continued its leadership role in HPGe detector technologies by developing the first N-type HPGe detector and the first commercial electrically cooled HPGe detector. Recently, ORTEC released the Profile S & C Series wide energy HPGe detectors and ICS™, an advanced integrated electro-mechanical cryocooling system.

ORTEC also offers several HPGe alternatives for radiation detection. Customers may choose from a variety of room temperature silicon charged particle detectors for alpha spectroscopy and research applications; or scintillation detectors for various room-temperature radiation detection applications.

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