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F&G Technologies

More than 20 years of verifiable experience in all the required techniques.

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More than 20 Years of Experience

  • Verifiable experience of more than 20 years in all the required techniques
  • Last generation technology
  • Operational efficiency and innovative solutions
  • Headquarters in United States and Latin America
  • 100% own equipment
  • Management technology designed to the customer's need
  • Attention 24 hours in field emergencies.
  • Professionals Work team who allow us to offer a quality service
  • Attention to large-scale plant stoppages
  • Continuous staff training


  • More than 20 years of verifiable experience in all the required techniques
  • Last generation technology
  • Operational efficiency and innovative solutions
  • Headquarters in United States and Latin America
  • 100% own equipment
  • Continuous staff training with ASNT certificates
  • 24-hour attention for emergencies
Products & Services
API 653 Aerial Storage Tank Inspection

F&G Technologies has a comprehensive inspection service, developed based on the guidelines established in the API653 code for inspection and alteration of air storage tanks.

We have the latest technology available for a correct integrity diagnosis.

We have operators trained and certified by the parent company for the exclusive operation of high-tech equipment that allows us to make inspection resources more efficient, reduce maintenance costs, and improve plant reliability.


 Provide information 

Provide accurate, adequate and reliable information for corrective maintenance and plan an accurate predictive maintenance. 

Technical report 

Deliver a complete technical report of the real state of the shell and roof of API 650 Tanks 

Comparison system 

Provide successive inspection comparison system with automatic corrosion rate indications. 

Economic savings 

Generate significant economic savings in the inspection of equipment at height, without the need for expensive scaffolding or Ind Mountaineering. 

Avoid accidents 

Avoid fatal accidents and contamination due to leaks and falls of personnel during work at height. 

API 653 Aerial Storage Tank Inspection 

Through a complete corrosion mapping of the bottom, shell and roof, repair diagnosis and technical advice, we offer a comprehensive service for commissioning in a short time of intervention, guaranteeing a safe operation for more than 15 years.


Fund inspection by MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) technique with Floormap VS2i equipment

  • Faster and more efficient than other conventional techniques 
  • Only access to the interior of the tank is required, free of products, remains of mud and sediments
  • You can inspect coatings up to 6mm thick without compromising performance or damaging the coating
  • The equipment have the ability to inspect the Bottom of a Tank giving a mapping of all corrosion in just two days of intervention in a 30m diameter tank



  • Crawler Scorpion B-Scan robotic inspection of Roof and Shell without scaffolding
  • Enclosure and roof inspection remotely and safely. REMOTE DETECTION OF FAULTS WITH ULTRASOUND SCAN-B
  • Reporting software with scan-B and Scan-A offline. Exact location of all measurements plus wear profile with total precision
  • The wear profile allows you to evaluate the measurements taken at each point of the journey
  • Ability to provide Scan-B measurement in height and without the need for supports or scaffolding
Inspection of heat exchangers and air coolers
  • Técnica ECT ( Eddy Current Testing)
  • RFT (Remorte Field testing)
  • NFT ( Near Field testing)


  • Keeping your heat exchange equipment in good condition prevents incidents and unexpected plant shutdowns. Reduce costs and operate at maximum capacity
  • Inspection Service of Heat Exchangers and detection of failures in Ferromagnetic and Non-Ferromagnetic Tubes of Heat Exchangers, Boilers and high volume condensers.
  • Our comprehensive inspection and diagnostic service includes a complete scan of 100% of the condenser tubes, in a notably reduced time using ECT (Eddy Current Testing).
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and personnel with extensive experience to inspect tubular equipment, achieving a conclusive diagnosis of corrective and predictive maintenance.


Provide information 

Determine the actual condition of the tubing. This data helps to generate a significant improvement in the operation of the unit, eliminating damage and guaranteeing correct operation in the time. 

Technical report 

Generate concrete and precise information on the real state of the harness, which allows plant shutdowns to be planned in advance for proper maintenance. 

Comparison system 

Detect failure mechanisms, obtaining the necessary information to take corrective measures that eliminate or reduce these defects 

Accurately predict 

Accurately predict the remaining life of the tubes, extending their useful life to the maximum and avoiding premature or even late re-tubing 


Reliability of the unit's operation, avoiding unexpected plant stops 


Extend the times between plant stops in complete safety. 


Define what pressure the pipes can withstand with certainty. 


The final report includes a detailed list of all the tubes, identifying the location of all the flaws detected in the length of the tube.

The list has an easy filtering system that allows you to access the results of each of the tubes, quickly and easily.


Statistical graphics, observations, technical data of the inspected equipment and other data that allows the user to make a correct decision in its maintenance.

The analyze report delivered by our company includes tube resistance calculations based on the flaws detected, among others observations made by our specialists in this type of inspection.

Pipe Inspection

Inspection of aerial, underground or underwater pipelines 

F&G Technologies is proud to present the incorporation of the latest technology available in the world market, for the remote scanning service of Line Pipes

GWT (Long Range Guided Waves) Teletest Focus 


  • Teletest + is the world's leading system for the application of the Long Range Guided Wave technique.
  • The system allows detecting corrosion in buried or aerial pipelines from a single point of application
  • The ring is placed in a selected location on the Duct and Ultrasound Waves are fired through the duct wall, reaching a typical distance of 30m to each side of the ring.
  • It offers a complete 360º scan from the point of application, allowing to identify where on the circumference the defect is located thanks to its ability to focus the waves on a certain point.


  •  Ability to inspect Inaccessible Areas
  • Only Local Access to the surface is required.
  • Quick mapping for in-service diagnosis.
  • Avoid removing and re-installing insulation and / or cladding
  • Results at the moment and 100% coverage.
  • Internal and external thickness loss detection.

SRUT (Short Range Ultrasonic Technique) 

  • Inspection under pipe supports
  • Pipe interfaces
  • Inspection of isolated lines with limited access. Corrosion detection under supports without the need for lifting.
  • The data is completely recorded.
  • Fully automated data collection protocols.


R-Scan manual ultrasonic system 


  • Lightweight corrosion mapping and fault detection system in Pipes, API Tanks and Vessels with a diameter greater than 6 inches.
  • It offers a Scan B, providing an image of easy interpretation with the wear profile of the wall of the analyzed equipment.
  • Through its built-in encoder, it offers a correct location of all defects for later traceability.
  • It has a dry coupling wheel that avoids the use of water and favors coupling, giving a perfect graph of the real state of the analyzed piece.
  • Scan speed up to 200mm / sec. Quick Measurement service with optimal results.


Phasor Series Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors 


  • The phased array technique allows to minimize the inspection time for the detection of parallel and perpendicular defects in the circumferential welds of pipes
  • It is a compact solution that adapts easily to any type of pipe geometry, both in diameter and in wall thickness
  • Provides a solution that does not require as many mechanical adjustments, greatly reducing calibration times and allowing accurate inspection of welds
  • Allows electronic scanning without the need to move the probe
  • Simultaneous inspection with multiple angles and groups using a single transducer
  • Facilitates the inspection of materials with complex geometries
  • Generates a fully auditable inspection record
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