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Eintik Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2013. It is a "National High-tech Enterprise", "Science and Technology Little Giant", and "Specialized,



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Eintik Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2013. It is a "National High-tech Enterprise", "Science and Technology Little Giant", and "Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprise with scientific and technological innovation genes. Its main business involves ultrasonic nondestructive Testing instruments, ultrasonic array probes, medical ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic scanners and intelligent detection systems. The company has set up a R&D center and laboratory at its headquarters in Shanghai, an instrument R&D center in Guangzhou Science City, and a sensor R&D center and production base in Changsha.

The founders of the company were hired as members of the "National Nondestructive Testing Standardization Technical Committee", "National Steel Standardization Committee Nondestructive Testing Subcommittee", "National Welding Standardization Committee Technical Subcommittee", "China Nondestructive Testing Society Ultrasonic Professional Committee", " Member of the Nondestructive Testing Branch of the Chinese Society for Metals", "Member of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Expert Database", "Shanghai Leading Talents", "Visiting Professor of Nanchang Hangkong University", "Part-time Professor of Hangzhou Dianzi University", etc.

Products & Services
Omnifocus Phased Array

Eintik full matrix acquisition phased array flaw detector 64/128PR

PHASEYE FMC-64 phased array flaw detector is a full-matrix acquisition phased array flaw detector 64/128PR . Its internal heat-conducting material adopts aerospace technology to realize compact design. At the same time, the fuselage adopts high-strength The aluminum alloy shell is durable and has excellent shielding; at the same time, it is equipped with a high-definition and bright wide-screen large-size industrial capacitive screen, which makes the detection easy no matter whether it is indoors or outdoors. The device is equipped with up to 2 high-capacity hot-swappable lithium batteries for power supply, which can meet the normal working conditions of 5-8 hours per day.


Provide fast, efficient and real-time 3D imaging function

PHASEYE FMC-64 is a powerful flaw detection instrument with FMC, TFM and PA at the same time. The PHASESOFT software in it can fully reflect the efficiency and ability of detection, and has perfect data processing and reporting functions, especially in the data of TFM and PA. In terms of processing, the data is easily available, and the defects have nowhere to escape! The system has added a variety of display modes, including A, B, C, S and 3D imaging, etc., so that the image is closer to the real workpiece and the detection is more intuitive and clear!

Integrated design of probe and instrument

In the initial stage of instrument design and development, we combined our own perfect probe R&D and manufacturing capabilities, so that the consistency and comprehensive performance of PHASEYE FMC series phased array products have been comprehensively improved. Eintik can provide you with professional industrial ultrasonic application development, from professional software to special probes, from encoders to scanning frames, we provide integrated solutions!

The new architecture makes the performance more prominent

300Gb DDR bandwidth makes real-time full aggregation (TFM) run more smoothly

The ultra-high dynamic range of 100MSPS/16bit ADC makes the details clearer

The circuit design of proprietary technology greatly reduces the loss of transmission and reception, and achieves an ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio

A new focal law calculator with built-in independent intellectual property rights to realize 3D simulated sound field distribution

The emission voltage up to 200V can perfectly solve the detection of precision small workpieces and large workpieces

Synchronous 64/128 hardware channels to meet various complex application requirements such as special area array and double area array

FMC data collection speed can reach 2GB/S, making data collection more efficient and detection more comprehensive

It can realize the parallel use of multiple machines and realize the application of large-scale system functions

Full matrix acquisition (FMC) - up to 128 array elements, acquisition speed up to 2GB/S

Total Focus Technology (TFM) - Real Time (Real Time) High Efficiency and High Resolution

Built-in focal law calculator (FLC) - 3D simulation technology to predict the sound field distribution

A variety of hardware configurations to meet different detection needs - 32: 64PR 32: 128PR 64: 128PR, etc.

Eintik full matrix acquisition phased array flaw detector 64/128PR

Intelligent detection system

During the manufacturing process, we help factories ensure that their systems and components are in original operating condition and that they are safe and run as efficiently as possible. In order to do this, we offer inspection systems that use Non-Destructive Test techniques that do not affect the integrity of the objects we inspect. We provide complete system solutions based on the latest inspection technologies (PAUT phased array, digital ray, etc.). These technologies are derived from EINTEC's extensive experience in the field of non-destructive testing, and EINTEC's technical experts have provided services in this field for more than 20 years.

Our NDT experts conduct demand studies of industrial scenarios, define the most effective inspection solutions for each situation, and collaborate continuously with our customers. Our aim is always to help our clients meet their high safety standards, proposing efficient inspection solutions based on global services, thereby reducing costs and improving process efficiency.

Eintik has developed advanced ultrasonic testing technology suitable for various industries through continuous R&D and innovation, and will continue to improve and update. Eintik works closely with you to create a more intelligent detection system.

What services do we provide?

Eintik is a premium and reliable supplier of intelligent NDT systems, providing quality assurance during manufacturing and service inspection during maintenance activities.

The company's investment in its own technology development has created a range of robot-based solutions and automated inspection cells, and also develops non-destructive testing hardware and software for data acquisition and semi-automatic portable equipment, and provides technical support and after-sales maintenance services.

How do we carry out the service?

We work continuously with our customers to design non-destructive testing solutions, determining the best plan for plant availability and production cycles. Once the inspection items have been assessed, an inspection solution is determined, which includes both applicable procedures for compliance with the required regulations and the definition of the inspection system (mechanical systems and NDT equipment).

At Eintik, we have our own technology that allows us to develop a wide range of automated and manual inspection system technologies that allow us to provide our services using various non-destructive testing methods: ultrasonic (conventional ultrasonic or phased array), induced current, liquid Penetrators, Magnetic Particles, Rays (Digital and Conventional), etc.

Our systems can be modified according to the specific needs of our customers to meet complex inspection requirements. Eintik has an experienced technical development department, which allows us to show great agility and flexibility when accepting any technical challenges of non-destructive testing.

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