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EN DE TEK Australia

EN DE TEK Australia (formerly Krautkrämer Australia) has been supplying class-leading quality equipment to the Non-Destructive Testing industry since 1989,

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EN DE TEK Australia (formerly Krautkrämer Australia) has been supplying class-leading quality equipment to the Non-Destructive Testing industry since 1989, and with the support of manufacturers including Baugh & Weedon, Duerr-NDT, Dellon, ETher NDE, Flawtech, Guided Ultrasonics, Krautkrämer (Waygate Technologies) and more, has developed a reputation for application solutions and after-sales support. Covering a range of NDT methods including, but not limited to, Ultrasonics, MFL, Eddy Current, Hardness Testing, Calibration/Test Blocks, Remote Visual Inspection, Computed & Digital Radiography, EN DE TEK Australia’s range of products covers virtually every current NDT application.

Our service department team has been to various suppliers for service training and has the capability to repair and calibrate Krautkramer, Ether NDE, Duerr NDT, and Silverwing products to name a few, with this list continuously developing to further satisfy our growing customer base. We have started the process to become a NATA registered laboratory to provide calibration of NDT equipment and hopefully, this will be completed in the coming months. With the added capacity to produce custom-configurable probe cables for UT and EC applications, our service department delivers a wide range of repair and calibration services to our customers.

We pride ourselves on good customer service and top-quality equipment distribution and as such also offer on-site visits, from both our sales team and service technicians to satisfy any customer requests which may be required. Through on-site visits, email, or by phone, we aim to provide a range of customer services including general customer visits, NDT application queries, equipment setup/training and the potential for short training courses to be run at our office or on site.

Products & Services
Computed Radiography Scanners

DÜRR NDT provides comprehensive digitalization solutions for the NDT industry: Networked, digital radiography X-Ray systems combined with innovative X-Ray software. This includes high resolution imaging X-Ray plate scanners and flat panel X-Ray detectors, X-Ray software for image acquisition and evaluation, standard compliant digital archiving tools as well as the unique and holistic workflow management and reporting platform DRIVE NDT.

Borehole Inspection

GRANFOO HD Borehole Inspection Camera Systems

The GLF-UDC-V10SA -HD- Video camera set for dug, driven & drilled Water Bore Wells, Drilled Wells. A high-definition and portable borehole camera system with double axial and radial sighting with a motorized head and electric motorized reel

Drill inspection system with motorized winch Dual view camera (down and side, motorized)

  • Dual view rugged motorized camera
  • Wire guide for uniform winding
  • Reinforced chassis with place  to store the camera
  • Dual reel system special field
  • 500m depth video camera
  • Motorized winch, 100 to 600m available
  • Odometer (meter counter)
  • Simple and heavy duty monitoring case
  • OSD text live on video
  • Tripod with pulley as option

Camera Head  ​

  • 63mm diameter x 600mm Length
  • Centring set with variable diameter provided
  • Dual axial and radial 120° Field of View
  • Horizontal motorized rotation
  • Colour viewing
  • Dual hi power illuminators
  • IP68 50 bars (500m underwater)
  • Focus starts from 7cm to infinite

Motorized Winch

  • 200, 300, 400, 500m or 600m available as option
  • Cable guide for uniform winding
  • Motorized reel with HQ slip ring: allows to watch perfectly the video during unrolling
  • Standard cable length : 100m
  • Protected chain to increase security

Monitoring Controller Case

  • Reel control (roll and unroll)
  • Camera pan control
  • LED illumination adjustment level
  • Live view and recording
  • Live text comments typing on the video
  • Voice recording (comments)
  • on screen temperature and cable meter
  • on screen direction display
  • Playback with audio
  • Digital zoom x 8
  • Emergency stop button


  • reel  200 - 300 – 400 – 500 – 600m
  • Tripod, 250Kg max load
  • carrying case for camera storage


  • Case :internal battery, 6h
  • Electric Reel: 220VAC
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