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Emworks | Electromagnetic Simulation Software

EMWorks provides best-in-class electromagnetic simulation software for electrical and electronics design with multiphysics capabilities.



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EMWorks is a company that provides electromagnetic simulation software and solutions for a variety of industries and applications, including non-destructive testing (NDT). EMWorks offers a software package called EMS for NDT electromagnetic simulation.

EMS is a comprehensive software package that allows NDT engineers to simulate and analyze electromagnetic phenomena such as eddy currents, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic waves. With EMS, users can design and optimize NDT systems, test and verify the performance of NDT equipment, and predict the behavior of materials and components under various electromagnetic conditions.

EMS includes a range of features and tools specifically tailored to NDT applications, including a powerful electromagnetic solver, 3D CAD modeling tools, and a variety of pre-built material libraries. EMS also offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily set up and run simulations, visualize and analyze results, and share data with colleagues and clients.

Products & Services

About EMS

EMS is an electromagnetic field simulation software which calculates fields (electric / magnetic / flux / potential / eddy currents), circuit parameters (inductance / capacitance / resistance / impedance / flux linkage), mechanical parameters (force / torque), and losses (eddy/core/hysteresis/ohmic). EMS is a Gold Certified Add-in to SOLIDWORKS® and an Add-in to Autodesk® Inventor® which enables you to simulate the most intricate electrical machines, motors, generators, sensors, transformers, high voltage apparatus, high power machines, electrical switches, valves, actuators, PCB’s, levitation machines, loudspeakers, permanent magnet machines, NDT equipment, inverters, converters, bus bars, inductors, bushings, or biomedical equipment.

Main Features and capabilities

Full 3D electromagnetic field simulation: EMS enables you to do both electric and magnetic simulations using your complete 3D geometry to ensure 100% accuracy and integrity of your designs. EMS also allows you to do both 2D planar and axis-symmetry simulations for designs where such simplification yields significantly reduced time for solution with no compromise on accuracy.

Seamless integration with CAD geometry: EMS seamless integration in the two main CAD platforms – SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk® Inventor® empowers you to simulate the most intricate electromagnetic designs. You don't need to "reinvent the wheel", just acquire a CAD model from the mechanical drafting personnel and start your electric or magnetic simulation instantly without any modification.

Parametric simulation: EMS enables numerous What if? analyses to obtain the best design for your application. Any CAD dimension or a simulation variable can be set as a parameter to study the effect of its changes on your design. This serves as a first step to optimize your designs.

Multiphysics capabilities: EMS is a true multi-physics software which enables you to couple your magnetic, and electrical design to Circuit, Motion, Thermal, and Structural analyses on the same model in a hassle-free integrated environment without any need to import/export any data. This integrated multi-physics environment brings the user efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

User friendly interface and embedded learning materials: Easy to use program with a very short learning curve. Follows the same philosophy of your CAD software. The demo viewer feature in the software gives you access to numerous training materials for fast learning and adoption of EMS.

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About MotorWizard

MotorWizard is a template-based motor design software which is completely integrated inside SOLIDWORKS. It allows SOLIDWORKS users to build and analyze different electric machine designs.

It makes the study of the electric machines flexible and easy by giving access to a wide range of customizable dimensions and parameters that fully define the design of the electric machines. Equipped with integrated analytical and finite element-based solvers, the process of electric motor design becomes readily effortless, accurate and quick.

Main Features and capabilities

Easy Topology Editor: Customizable templates for easy and fast development of the different electric machine models obviating the need to create model from scratch in SOLIDWORKS.

Automatic Winding Editor: Ability to automatically create different winding configurations such as single- or double-layer, concentrated or distributed, full pitched or shorted pitch easily.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface: Short learning curve and easy to use program, contains predefined setup and results thereby avoiding the process of defining scenarios, mesh refinement and boundary conditions.

Diversity of Results: Provides both analytical and finite element results to accelerate the process of analysis and providing accurate results for the machine performance.

Large Customizable Material Library: Wide range of materials such as permanent magnets, steel lamination, conductors and insulators are included in the material library.

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About HFWorks

HFWorks is an antenna and electromagnetic simulation software for RF, Microwave, mm-wave, and high speed digital circuits. HFWorks solves electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic resonance, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and signal integrity (SI) problems for RF/MW frequencies and beyond.  It uses state-of-the-art finite element solvers and meshing technologies to compute fields as well as antennas and circuit parameters. It can simulate single antenna elements as well as multiple array antenna configurations. HFWorks can also be used for time domain computations such as TDR and Eye Diagram. It can predict power handling capabilities of 3D structures and localize potential field breakdown areas. It also provides the capability to simulate RF microwave heating as a function of applied power.

Main Features and capabilities

Versatile High Frequency and High-Speed Tool: Whether your design involves antennas, RF and Microwave components, signal integrity, power integrity, EMC/EMI, chip-packaging, PCB, connectors, cables, RF MEMS, or filters and whether you use planar circuit technologies, standard waveguides or dielectric guides, HFWorks covers your high frequency field simulation design needs for RF frequencies and much beyond. 

Solidworks embedded: HFWorks is seamlessly integrated in Solidworks and Gold Certified by SOLIDWORKS® Corporation.  

User friendly interface and embedded learning materials: Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. The demo viewer feature in the software gives you access to extensive training material for fast learning and adoption of HFWorks.

Parametric simulation: HFWorks enables numerous analyses to obtain the best design for your application. Any CAD dimension or a simulation variable can be set as a parameter to study the effect of its changes on your design.

Time Domain Solution: HFWorks comes with a Time Domain Analysis type that helps designers to allocate discontinuities in connectors, adapters, cable transitions and high speed interconnects.

Integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis: HFWorks comes with an integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis. It offers you a coherent environment where you can simultaneously study the electrical and thermal behavior of your high frequency design right on the same model.

Power handling:  HFWorks produces safety factor maps that indicate where breakdown has occurred in the model or where it is most likely to occur for a given level or excitation power or stored energy. 

Grabcad, 3dcontencentral, traceparts: In recent years a burgeoning number of free 3D CAD models -millions- have become available in CAD depositories such as, and Consequently, you can simply grab a CAD model from the depositories, make necessary changes, and start your high frequency electromagnetic analysis instantly.  

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