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ELLWOOD National Forge

ELLWOOD National Forge is a committed partner with our customers, our employees, and our communities to ensure integrity, welcome new ideas, and achieve shared success


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ELLWOOD National Forge is a committed partner with our customers, our employees, and our communities to ensure integrity, welcome new ideas, and achieve shared success. ELLWOOD National Forge, an ELLWOOD company, is a fully integrated supplier of large precision machined steel components used in a number of critical commercial and defense markets.

Products & Services
Heat Treatment

We possess state-of-the-art heat-treating equipment necessary to deliver the demanding mechanical properties that our customers specify.

ELLWOOD National Forge heat-treating facilities are capable of thermal stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, quenching, and tempering. At ELLWOOD National Forge we can offer both vertical and horizontal heat treatment. With 14 vertical heat treat furnaces we are capable of heat treating parts up to 30’ in length and 76” diameter. Our six horizontal furnaces can handle parts 288’ in length and 168” wide.   Our furnaces are in close proximity to our water and oil quench tanks allowing for an efficient transfer system, exceptional heat-treating control, and consistency. ELLWOOD National Forge also has specialty on-site horizontal and vertical spray quench capabilities. 

All furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art controls to assure accurate temperature and furnace operation during the thermal cycle process. Heat stability testing capabilities are available to measure the stability of high speed rotating parts under operating conditions. In addition to heat treating low alloy steel forgings, ELLWOOD National Forge has the capability to heat treat stainless, titanium and a wide range of oilfield and dense specific alloys, meeting our customer’s critical application requirements.


Our testing capabilities combined with the accountability and product traceability of our quality system enable us to meet the most stringent quality requirements of our customers.

Our formal and fully documented Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. On-site, ELLWOOD National Forge has unique heat indicating and balancing capabilities valuable to components used in high-speed rotating applications.  Also on-site, ELLWOOD National Forge has a full suite of nondestructive and mechanical testing capabilities including tensile, impact, drop weight, hardness, etching, magnetic particle, liquid dye penetrant, and ultrasonic testing.  Our facilities are certified to ISO-9001 and we are compliant to MIL-I-45208, ASME NCA-3800, 10CFR50, 10CFR21, and numerous other military specifications. 

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