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Electron-X was established in 2003 to provide industrial X-ray services to local manufacturers.


United Kingdom

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Electron-X was established in 2003 to provide industrial X-ray services to local manufacturers. We have since grown to become a major supplier of high quality bespoke X-ray enclosures, equipment and services in the UK.

The shielded rooms and cabinets we build have integral safety systems and include powered doors, sample handling systems and a variety of other options.

Our in-house X-ray inspection service has expanded into a stand-alone business staffed by our experienced team of operators and offering rapid product turnaround. Inspection time is available at hourly or daily rates. We also have industrial X-ray equipment available for hire which we can install at your premises.

In addition, we provide radiation safety advice and training, X-ray equipment service support and audits, and upgrades to existing NDT facilities.

Products & Services
X-Ray Inspection

X-ray inspection is a quick, cost-effective method of monitoring product quality. This effective non-destructive test can be used to highlight defects including missing or broken parts, incorrect assembly, cracks, voids and inclusions. Our x-ray inspection service frequently performs quality checks on plastics/materials, electronic components and PCB boards,  forensic evidence, motors and automotive parts and much more. 

We offer a comprehensive x-ray inspection service at our facility in Milton Keynes. All the x-ray machines are real-time micro-focus which provide high resolution and high magnification images. The sample parts are manipulated using joystick controls to give the desired view. X-ray images can be viewed live or are captured and stored on USB or CD, or sent via the internet.

The x-ray inspection service is available for use during normal working hours or out-of-hours by special arrangement. Electron-X trained operators complete the work and specialist Applications Engineers are available to assist with problem solving and tailoring procedures to  quality certification requirements.

We have several machines with different capability including:

  • Penetrating x-rays up to 200kV
  • Sample size up to 600mm long
  • Sample weight of 15kg
  • Resolution detail to <5 microns
  • Magnification to 1000X

Customers with an inspection requirement have a number of options:

  • Parts delivered to us by courier will be inspected using a pre-determined set of guidelines
  • Bring parts to us and watch and direct the inspection
  • Operate the x-ray machines yourself after a short operator training and safety induction

Inspection is usually charged by the machine-hour but we can also agree ‘per item’ rates on batches of identical parts. We also hire out X-ray equipment for higher volume inspection requirements. See hire.

Radiation Protection Services

All users of x-ray equipment must comply with the Ionising Radiation Regulations IRR2017 to ensure they are providing adequate radiation protection.

To do so they are required to:

  • Register with the HSE
  • Consult an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor)
  • Appoint and train an RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor)
  • Produce a Risk Assessment
  • Write and implement a set of Local Rules
  • Provide suitable and appropriate training

For anyone new to x-ray this can be a challenging task, but with our assistance the process of becoming compliant with the Ionising Radiiation Regualtions (IRR17) is straight forward. We keep a comprehensive set of documents and procedures for typical equipment types and operating scenarios, which can be tailored to the specific needs of the user. Our RPS can prepare all the necessary documents and organise training allowing your staff to concentrate on their core business.

Radiation Protection Supervisors

At Electron-X we have experienced Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) in-house. They are fully trained and qualified to work with all aspects of x-ray and are continually monitored by an independent, external Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA). Our RPS will ensure that any system, installation or service that we supply will meet all the statutory requirements of the current Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR17). They can also advise on areas such as radiation monitoring including personal dosimetry badges, radiation detectors and dose measuring equipment.

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