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Elcometer Inspection Equipment

Ever since the first Elcometer gauge was manufactured in 1947, our philosophy has been to provide industry-leading, innovative, high-quality products


United Kingdom

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For more than seventy years Elcometer has been a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and NDT industry.

Ever since the first Elcometer gauge was manufactured in 1947, our philosophy has been to provide industry-leading, innovative, high-quality products; supported by a best-in-class customer experience at a competitive price. By concentrating on these core values, Elcometer has grown into a global network with representation in over 170 countries.

In 2018 Elcometer expanded its product range to include the design and manufacture of high-performance abrasive blast equipment, including portable abrasive blast machines, media valves, air handling, personal protective equipment, hoses and a full range of accessories.

With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the protective coatings industry, industrial finishing industry and non-destructive test (NDT) industry, Elcometer is well positioned to provide you with the solution to your inspection and physical test requirements, whatever and wherever they might be.

Our People

It's the Elcometer Team that makes the difference!

Despite the high value that we place on innovation, technical prowess and quality of our product, it's really our people that make the difference here at Elcometer. We firmly believe in the philosophy that our customers are buying a commitment to great service and not just the tangible product when they come to Elcometer. This is proven by the large number of you that come back to Elcometer to purchase your inspection equipment, because you appreciate our trustworthy advice and straight talking.

We have a highly skilled production workforce that build and assemble the majority of our key products in our own manufacturing facilities. Our UK export team has fluency in several languages, including Spanish, German, French and Ukrainian. 

In addition we operate local offices in France, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Japan, the USA and the UAE. Elcometer also provides customers with a broad distributor network so there is bound to be a source of Elcometer products close by, wherever you are in the world.

Our Offices

Elcometer has 10 offices providing local support for the UK, France, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

Our branch offices are equipped to handle far more than simple sales enquires. They can offer advice on servicing Elcometer branded goods and deal with technical support queries in local language.

If you are situated in a country not covered by the Elcometer office, please review our list of distributors as there is very likely to be one that covers your region.
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Quality is part of our culture

Elcometer’s commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 Quality and

ISO 14001 Environmental certifications.

It is the Company philosophy to integrate quality into all aspects of the product - whether it be the initial product design, the manufacture of our product or in our commitment to our customers.

Elcometer is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, including product manufacture, packaging, catalogue production and our waste management. All our products are lead and mercury free and, where required, CE and RoHS compliant.
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Fit for Purpose

All Elcometer products are designed to comply with National and International Standards. 

We have a team of experts working with Standards bodies around the world, ensuring we have products fit for purpose, exceeding the demands of our customers.

We continuously review our products against current and new Standards. For the most up to date list of Standards, which provides the latest information on all new, current and superseded Standards which our products can be used in accordance with.
View International Standards

Elcometer has always been committed to innovation, so we invest significantly in a dedicated Research and Development Team based at our head office in the United Kingdom. 

Our technical team rigorously test our products and design creative solutions to ensure that our products meet your expectations and "last the test of time".

We are committed to continuously push the boundaries through our new product development programmes.
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With manufacturing facilities in the UK & USA, Elcometer Limited continue to invest in new production systems to ensure our products and services remain at the forefront of our industry.

Service and Support

Finally should you have queries regarding a prospective purchase, application or need expert advice on any aspect of your Elcometer product our Customer Support Team are there to help. 

They even run tailor-made training course in our dedicated training suite, or alternatively at your premises.

Products & Services
Material Thickness

The Elcometer range of ultrasonic material thickness gauges has been designed specifically to be easy to use, calibrate, take readings and create inspection reports.

With a wide range of measurement modes including: Pulsed Echo (PE), Echo Echo ThruPaint™ (EE) and Velocity Mode (VM), and a wide range of intelligent dual element transducers, the new ultrasonic non destructive thickness gauges can measure the material thickness of virtually any material such as metals, plastics, glass, epoxies and ceramics.

Ideal for measuring material thickness when only one side of the material is accessible, the ultrasonic thickness gauges can measure the material thickness and sound velocity of coated and uncoated surfaces.

From a steel thickness gauge to a gauge which ignores the thickness of the coating, Elcometer has a complete range of ultrasonic thickness gauges to meet your specific requirements.

Bolt Tension Monitors

The BG80 bolt tension monitor accurately measures this elongation allowing the gauges to accurately measure time (nanoseconds), elongation, load, stress, and %strain of the bolt.

Elcometer BG80 Bolt Tension Monitor

The BG80 Bolt Tension Monitor accurately measures elongation allowing the gauges to accurately measure time (nanoseconds), elongation, load, stress, and %strain of the bolt.


User definable limits for pass/fail indication

Set limits for pass/fail indication on individual reading or for each batch with audible & visual warnings.


Choose & customise the reading display

With a choice of display and measurement modes, the user can select the most appropriate option for their needs; Elongation, Load, Stress, and %Strain, RF, Rectified, Large Digits with Limits Bar.

Elcometer BG80 Bolt Tension Monitor

When nuts and bolts are fastened together under load the action of tightening the nut increases the force applied to the bolt causing elongation.

By using ultrasonics, bolt tension monitors are not affected by temperature, friction or resistance factors affecting the accuracy of standard torque measurement techniques - giving the BG80TDL accuracy within 0.0001mm (0.00001 inch).

Using the gauge's USB interface together with the optional shut off accessory the gauge can be programmed to automatically stop the tightening process when the appropriate load has been applied.


  • Range of display & measurement options including: Elongation, Load, Stress, and %Strain, RF, Rectified, Large Digits with Limits Bar
  • BG80TDL features temperature compensation to counteract measurement irregularity caused by temperature change
  • Data storage capability: 4GB internal memory
  • Auto Set feature automatically optimizes detection and adjusts display
  • Hi/Lo Alarm tolerance limits work in conjunction with the data port
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