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EIWAA is a Third Party Inspection, Testing, Onsite Calibration and Engineering Survey Service provider established in 2014.

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United Arab Emirates

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EIWAA is an Inspection, Testing, Onsite Calibration, Training Certification and Engineering Survey service for Marine and oil and gas Equipment; established in 2014. Training and Certification Services uplift welder competency and welding certification by intensive welder training approved by Major Classification societies. In Maritime Oil and Gas services, we are committed to providing Topographical Surveying service,3D Scanning and Modeling with major port approvals across the Globe. We EIWAA Marine Services is your trusted partner for Inspection, Testing, Calibration, Survey, Training and Certification requirements

Products & Services
Conventional NDT

EIWAA is a well-known NDT Service in the oil and gas industry and ship repair industries for its non- destructive inspection, also known as NDT inspection, of welding joints, whether they are brand-new or already in use and carried out by either Normal access or Rope Access NDT Testing Service. For both welding and painting inspection fields, all the traditional types of NDT Services such as magnetic particle test (MPI), ultrasonic scanning (UT), Dye penetrant Testing (DP), vacuum box testing (PMI-XRF), ultrasonic thickness gauging (UTG), leakage testing (LT), hardness testing (HT), ferrite testing (HT), holiday detection test, etc.

Rope Access

EIWAA can provide an extensive range of their inspection and maintenance service with the aid of Rope Access service to minimize costs associated with both time consuming and expensive scaffold systems. It has been shown throughout the last number of years that this activity is an extremely safe method for execution of numerous applications at elevated locations and those that have restricted access. EIWAA trained NDT technicians for Structural Inspection and Survey work for inspection and maintenance service.

Lifting Equipment Inspection

EIWAA Marine Service is a third-party inspection service for performing Marine load testing services for lifting equipment inspection services, Lifting Inspection Services, Lifting gear Inspection services, Pull testing services of lifting lugs, Pad eye testing services, Pedestal crane load testing services, Offshore/Marine survey etc. Our Water Weights Rental Services fulfil the requirements of lifting inspection services and accessories inspection services worldwide by providing lifting plans, rigging plans, water bag rental services, spreader bars, Load testing bag hiring services etc.

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