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Echo Ultrasonics LLC.

We combine generations of knowledge and experience in ultrasound, metallurgy, manufacturing technology and packaging experience with superior customer interaction and support to facilitate optimal ultrasound non-destructive testing throughout the world.

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Echo Ultrasonics is the world leader in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic couplants, including specialty application and high-temperature couplants. Couplants developed for shear and guided wave transmission, for extremely rough surfaces, for pencil probe inspections, for spot welds, for extremely cold and extremely hot applications. Echo has a couplant for all your UT needs. Echo has developed a line of UT cables like you've never seen before. Echo has addressed frequent causes of UT cable failures with this new line of single and dual element UT cables. No more stiff, cracking, and coiling PVC cables with Echo's silicone cables that remain flexible down to -40° F/C. Eliminate the burn risk of armor with Echo's fiberglass sheathed, more flexible, and lighter weight high-temperature cables.
Products & Services
Low to Intermediate Temperature Couplant

UT couplants for all ambient and elevated temperature inspections. From the most economical couplant to the highest performance to water-free couplants for phased array, we can help you select the right couplant for every inspection.


The best water-based high performance couplant with a broad operating range and slow evaporation rate.


The most universal water-soluble / water-free UT couplant and the couplant of choice for Phased Array Manual UT inspection. Very slow drying and ideal for very cold and elevated temperature inspections.


A high performance, glycerin-free ultrasonic couplant that is compatible with most materials, has excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition and does not contain formaldehyde or glycol ether.


The lowest price, high-performance gel ultrasonic couplant.  Available in high and medium viscosity with improved resistance to corrosion salts.


The best choice for a low-cost general purpose ultrasonic couplant with a strong coupling film strength that is slow drying.

Glycerin Couplant

GE approved for CFM56-7B engine fan blade inspection (GLY-16 lot 205)

Can be used as a general purpose couplant, and is especially suited for rough surfaces and highly attenuating materials.ycerin And Propylene Glycol Industrial Ultrasonic Couplant

High Temperature Ultrasonic Couplant

Preventing inspector injury, facility shutdown and the risk of igniting explosive gasses, Echo Ultrasonics has the most complete offering of high temperature couplants for inspections over 350°F. The right operating range and viscosity couplant may improve safety, lower cost and reduce inspection time. Selection of the right couplant for high temperature inspections is critical. If you aren’t sure which couplant is best, ask us.


  • -10°F to 700°F / -23 to 371°C
  • No powder polymer
  • No wait time / Fast readings


  • 50 to 775°F / -45 to 412°C
  • Very high viscosity
  • Minimal residue
  • Non-drying


  • 200 to 1000°F / 93 to 538°C
  • Auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F
  • Most economical ultra-high temperature couplant

EchoTherm Extreme™

  • -40 to 1250°F / -40 to 675°C
  • Highest performance extreme temperature couplant
  • Auto-ignition and flash point above 1300°F
  • No wait time / fast readings

High Temperature Couplant Comparison Table

View pdf for High Temperature Couplant Comparison Table

High Temperature Couplant Comparison Table

Fluid Ultrasonic Couplant

Echo offers the broadest range of range of fluid UT couplants for AUT inspections. Selection criteria include viscosity, temperature range and water solubility requirements. Echo has fluid options for use in very cold environments, such as the Tundra, for hot applications, such as refineries and ambient temperature inspections such as storage tanks. View the fluid selection chart below.

Echo 6 HT™

  • Low-cost silicone based high-temperature UT fluid
  • Replaces plant-based oils (peanut and canola) and mineral oils
  • Operating Range: -40° to 675°F (-40° to 357°C)

Echo 8 HT™ Fluid for AUT and Robotics

  • Most universal AUT fluid
  • Broadest operating range
  • (-50 to 800ºF / -45 to 425ºC)
  • Three viscosity grades

EchoFLOW™ Fluid

  • Ideal fluid for cold environments
  • Approved for use in critical environments
  • Operating Range: -40° to 240°F (-40° to 115°C)

Echo 3HT Fluid

  • When water won’t work, Echo 3HT is the next step.
  • Operating Range: -30° to 350°F (-34° to 177°C)
  • Pumpable Range: 35˚ to 350˚F (2˚ to 177˚C)

Fluid Selection Chart

  • View a pdf of the Echo Fluid Selection Chart.
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