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Echelon Global NDT

Founded in 2015, the corporation has seen major changes in as far as internal growth and development in trying to find a firm footing in such an ever changing and competitive industry.



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Founded in 2015, the corporation has seen major changes as far as internal growth and development in trying to find a firm footing in such an ever-changing and competitive industry. Critical to our clients and upholding our goodwill standard in all of the industry, we allowed ourselves the time to grow as a corporation, though boasting a team expertise of well-experienced individuals. Over the years we have harnessed an imitable synergy of timeless experience and youthful legal recognition and harvested a corporate, client service culture that is unique to the EGI service experience and a deeper intimate understanding of our client need.

Products & Services
Non-Destructive Testing

Echelon Global NDT continuously thrives to deliver more than just standard industry practice results but also deliver a solution-based NDT inspection service, centered on the service needs of our clients and readily preparing ourselves to anticipate their needs. The Corporation offers a specialized NDT service mainly focusing on:

  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Wall thickness test
  • Eddy Current TESTING (ECA)
  • Phased Array
  • ToFD (Time of Flight Defraction).
  • proximity radiographic Testing.
  • Quality Control
Risk Based Inspection

The ever-increasing need for Industrial plants to reduce downtime and match up to ever-increasing production demands has seen owners, engineers, and managers thrive to find innovative ways to mitigate the capital expenditure, operation, and maintenance costs of their plants. Echelon Global Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and maintenance serves not so much as a service alone but rather key essential tool for optimum plant operations and their maintenance. Our RBI service is by means an extension of our NDT services in plant life maintenance.

Through this client-based tailor-made Risk Based NDT, Echelon Global RBI develops strategies for developing sustainable cost-effective maintenance and inspection programs within an asset and risk management framework. This serves both new and aging plants, offering them inspection and maintenance strategies to help prolong their operational life spans. Echelon Global Risk Based Inspection, is the corporation’s commitment to the industry in engaging ourselves in becoming part of the solution to our client’s needs through our service mix, enabling our clients to meet their production targets, Industry regulatory standards, and increased revenue returns from minimal downtime and optimal plant performance.

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