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Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc.

Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. is a premier Nondestructive Testing company that services all NDT sectors.


United States

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Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. isn't just another non-destructive testing company; it's your premier partner in the world of quality assurance. With a broad spectrum of expertise, they cater to all NDT sectors, offering top-notch services to ensure the safety and reliability of a wide array of industries.

Their commitment to excellence extends across a diverse range of sectors, including aerospace, power plants, shipyards, oilfields, paper mills, turbines, structural steel, infrastructures, refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical facilities, maritime operations, pipelines, above-ground storage tanks, manufacturing units, mining operations, and any other industry that demands non-destructive testing.

What sets Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. apart is the team of highly qualified and certified Level II and Level III inspectors. These experts are not only well-versed in industry best practices but are also available worldwide, ready to meet the unique needs of their valued customers. They bring peace of mind to businesses and industries worldwide, ensuring the integrity and safety of their critical assets.

The five primary industries that Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. specializes in serving are Power Generation, Aerospace, Maritime, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing. Their dedication to these key sectors ensures that their clients, no matter the industry, can rely on them for unmatched quality assurance and non-destructive testing solutions.

Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. isn't just a company; it's a dedicated partner, committed to delivering top-notch services and safeguarding the success and safety of its clients in an increasingly demanding and dynamic world.

Products & Services
NDT & NDI Level III Services

By providing you with these services, turnover, and code compliance will no longer be a headache. A third-party objective inspection equals an increase in the quality of your product. So next time you are editing your quality assurance budget, add Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. NDT services to it.

Training & Auditing

Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc., assures compliance with industry regulations, codes, standards and specifications. This includes employee training, qualification, certification, auditing, as well as establishing and maintaining NDT Procedures (which are available upon request).

Expert Metallurgical Testing

The processes used by our certified weld inspector are to your material's specifications. We can provide a one-stop shop for your inspection needs. The process of inspection includes many tests and examinations. Some of these processes are:


  • In this process, we will look at the material to identify any visual indications. A thorough examination of the material in its as-received state, as well as post-test, is observed
  • These tests require the inspection techniques used before a metallurgical examination. They are characterized by testing the material in its as-welded state to observe any indication or discontinuities present in the weld. These tests allow a better understanding of the integrity of the welds both in developing a welding procedure or a qualification by an individual welder.


  • The mechanical processes of Tensile Testing, Hardness Testing, Bend Testing, and Charpy Impact Testing provide invaluable information about the strength and hardness of the welded material.
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