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Starting from the motto #passionforquality Dynamic Instruments dedicates all its resources to help its customers with quality services and equipment at the highest standards.



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Starting from the motto #passionforquality Dynamic Instruments dedicates all its resources to help its customers with quality services and equipment at the highest standards. We are in continuous development from the desire to fulfill the most demanding requirements from our clients, for us there is no greater recognition than the positive feedback from those who have used our services.

Dynamic Instruments began its activity at the beginning of 2017 offering a diverse portfolio of equipment and services dedicated to quality control, representing in Romania renowned manufacturers in the field: Diondo GmbH, Visiconsult, Dr. Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, Volume Graphics, Lam Plan, Affri, Motic, Helios Preisser, Mahr Metrology. The industrial division offers support to companies in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as to research institutes or technical universities.

At the beginning of 2018, the "ECO" division of Dynamic Instruments was formed, which offers solutions dedicated to urban and rural forestry in Romania with an emphasis on maintaining healthy and safe trees. As the benefits offered by trees become clearer than ever, the need for tree health assessment methods are absolutely necessary to preserve as much as possible trees in urban areas, parks, gardens and beyond. Our main partner is IML Electronic GmbH, world leader in the development of equipment dedicated to tree inspection. The products manufactured in Germany are of exceptional quality, being equipped with "state of the art" technologies designed in the development department in Rostock, Germany. Argus electronic gmbh is the first company in the world to develop a tree scanner, being awarded the Technology Award in 2000 by the German State. We work together with public administrations and forestry and arboriculture communities in Romania to help preserve and improve the health of our valuable trees.

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Dynamic Instruments together with the team of specialists in industrial tomography from diondo (Germany) comes to your aid with a last generation technology with great applicability in the automotive and aerospace industries. The non-destructive control with X-rays is the only method by which any type of parts, regardless of geometry, size or material, can be completely checked (without being destroyed). The systems available for CT scanning services have a source of 225 kV and 450 kV respectively, being equipped with a high-resolution 3K detector, the quality and details of the scans being exceptional.

The main advantages of industrial tomograph analysis:

  • the only non-destructive way by which we can obtain 2D and 3D views inside a part
  • the only way we can get real dimensional data without destroying the part
  • it is the only method by which we can perform dimensional measurements both externally and internally without affecting the integrity of the part
  • multiple analyzes can be performed with a single scan: porosities/inclusions analysis , internal defect inspection , 3D measurements , CAD comparison , reverse engineering , etc.

After scanning a component, the client receives:

  • report of images with 2D sections in the direction of the X, Y, Z axes
  • volum 3D in format nativ Volume Graphics
  • MyVGL software from VOLUME GRAPHICS that allows viewing the scan result
  • advanced reports on demand

In our laboratory, we perform sample preparation services and metallographic analysis using an optical microscope or SEM.

Services offered:

  • Coarse and precision cutting
  • Hot embedding samples diameter 30mm
  • Sample preparation: grinding
  • Sample preparation: polishare
  • Attack the microstructure/macrostructure etc.
  • Microscopic or macroscopic analyses

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