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Always the highest image quality, no matter what kind of radiographic testing (RT) - this is our strength. Get more out of radiography with DÜRR NDT!


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DÜRR NDT provides ultra-high resolution computed radiography (CR) scanners, flat panel detectors (DDAs), digital imaging software solutions and also X-ray film processors for mobile use, plus DÜRR NDT’s unique ‘green’ X-ray chemistry.

DÜRR NDT has committed to delivering to the customer products tailored perfectly to the market's needs. Through continuously optimising existing products and developing new solutions, DÜRR NDT has become one of the market leaders in nondestructive testing within a short time.

Products & Services
HD-CR 35 NDT – CR Scanner

Portable high-resolution CR scanner for all NDT radiography applications - weld inspection, profile images and aerospace.

  • 30 µm SRb, certified by BAM
  • Laser spot size 12.5 – 25 – 50 µm, TreFoc Technology
  • Min./Max. imaging plate size (W x L) 2 to 35 cm x 3 to 100 cm (0.8 to 14" x 1.2 to 40")
  • Lightweight and rugged, with just 17,5 kg (38,5 lbs) it is the lightest full format scanner worldwide
  • Stand-alone function: The build in Mini-PC allows the fully autonomous operation

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DRC 2430 NDT - DDA

This extremely robust and waterproof digital detector array (DDA) has been specially developed for maximum portability and the harsh conditions of industrial radiography.

  • High-resolution 76 μm pixel pitch
  • Active area: 233 mm x 291 mm (9.2" x 11.5")
  • Suitable for X-ray and gamma sources
  • Extremely robust design with handle for easy portability
  • Dust-tight and waterproof (IP67)
  • Display with Wi-Fi, LAN, battery, and sensor status indicators
  • Built-in wireless access point
  • Connector for Gigabit Ethernet and power

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D-Tect X - X-ray Inspection Software

D-Tect allows you to achieve an optimal and time-saving inspection workflow – the perfect complement to all imaging plate scanners and detectors.

  • DICONDE compliant - The user can be certain that images can be viewed on any other DICONDE compliant system.
  • All-in-one - All functions are included: from image capture, analysis and report generation to data import/export and database management.
  • High performance - GPU and multi-core CPU support makes D-Tect X extremely fast and efficient.

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