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DJC Aviation NDT

DJC is a Saudi owned &operated company since its incorporation in Jubail in the year 2005. Since that time we have been serving Non-Destructive Testing services &technical outsourcing.


Saudi Arabia

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DJC is a Saudi owned and operated company since its incorporation in Jubail in the year 2005. Since that time we have been serving Non-Destructive Testing services and technical outsourcing.

We excel in areas of conventional NDT and our experienced team of engineers provide engineering services i.e. but not limited to Welding Procedure Development, Review of welding procedures, Failure investigations, Boiler life assessments.

DJC is different. We're experienced. We're established. We're focused on reliability and safety.

Products & Services

DJC provides vendor inspection services conducted by qualified inspectors and engineers worldwide. The level of inspection will be identified in the Inspection and Test Plan. It may include stage inspections, witness testing or final inspection in accordance with client’s requirement.

Inspections include but not limited to:

  • Carry out stage and final inspections at work as per above documents. Inspection could be by DJC alone or customer representatives.
  • Preparation and submission of inspection reports along with necessary supporting documents such as stage inspection reports/Test certificates per approved quality plans.
  • Review of suppliers of internal records, test certificates for identified stages in the approved quality plan or material procurement for verifying conformance of requirements of equipment’s /system as per purchase orders, agreed technical specifications/approved drawings/data sheets, approved quality plan and other documents available with contractor.
  • Visual Inspection of Initial production.


Our team of highly experienced and qualified engineers provides the Welding Procedure Development and Review Services.

Our team of engineer’s possesses the knowledge of:

  • Application of the requirements of codes and standards, SAES and qualification ofessential variables for welding procedures. The essential features of a procedure.
  • Parent material grouping systems
  • Consumables: The identification of consumables to American standards. Coating typesand fluxes, Shielding gas compositions, Electrode and filler wire compositions.
  • Weld preparation details Verification that dimensions, fit-up and weld preparations are in accordance with good engineering practices.
  • Preheating: (where required) is in accordance with applicable standards i.e. SAES.
  • Post weld heat treatment (if any) has been conducted in accordance withspecification requirements.
  • Destructive tests: The selection and purpose of all destructive tests specified in standards.Assessment of the results & review of mechanical test data and verifying if it is compliancewith appropriate standards and specifications.
  • NDT techniques and limitations
  • Weld Terminology: Weld face, toe, root, throat, leg length, HAZ, fusion boundary.
  • Welding processes: Basic understanding of manual and mechanized flux shielded and gas shielded arc processes.


Condition assessment is carried out to arrive the present state of the condition of components property degradation using non - destructive and destructive methods. Condition assessment plays a vital role in running plant without any interruption and meets increasingly stringent environmental regulations, planned outages, proper maintenance and data collection in new as well as old plants. It is an ongoing procedure rather than one time activity. This paper enunciates salient features of condition assessment of boiler from the experience gained over the period of years in this arena to arrive the scope including metallographic spots, selection of non - destructive and destructive tests, planning, execution (bar charts) and reporting.

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