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(DIPS) Delta Inspection & Petroleum services

DIPS is a leading company in the oil field industry in the Egyptian market, concerning its proven experience in inspection through using the Rope Access technique.

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Dips is an oilfield services company, established in 2014 to cover the Egyptian & MENA (Middle East, North Africa) markets' requirements for Lifting Equipment Inspection, Drops survey, Destructive Testing, Painting, Sandblasting, Welding, and Rescue, all these services are provided on the ground and at heights via Rope Access Technique that reduces time, cost for the customers of the Oil, Gas & Construction Industries. DIPS also provides a Rope Access Technique as a Solution for work at heights and inaccessible areas.

Products & Services
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing, which is widely used for nondestructive testing (NDT) in several industrial sectors, such as construction, pipelines, and power generation to detect discontinuities, cracks, or flaws and thereby determine component quality, and also can be used for wall thickness measurements in conjunction with corrosion testing.

 A PAUT is more robust and easier to use than conventional single-element probes, providing improved efficiency, capturing hundreds of signals at once, and reducing the number of false alarms.

PAUT provides a permanent record. And because PAUT can detect defects at the surface and into the volume of a weld (with no dead zone), it also gives information about the lateral position of a defect (depth and height).

Non-Destructive Testing

Non‐Destructive Testing (NDT) plays a vital role in the quality control of engineering products. You can depend on DIPS for all your NDT inspection and engineering services by ground team or rope access team. DIPS are registered and approved by various international certification agencies for class surveys and inspections.

  • Visual Inspection.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection.
  • Dye Penetrate Inspection.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Flaw Detection.
  • Ultrasonic thickness Inspection.
  • Eddy Current Inspection.
  • Hull gauging & UWILD for offshore rigs according to the American Bureau of Shipping Rules (ABS).
Lifting Equipment Inspection

DIPS is a full LEEA Membership (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and Specializes in the thorough examination & testing of lifting equipment to ensure that it is fit for use by British Standards or other International Standards.

DIPS specialist team is highly trained in the field of all types of lifting accessories and equipment inspection ensuring meet the minimum safety requirements.

Send a detailed report stating deficiencies for inspected equipment that is deemed unsafe. When deficiencies are corrected or repairs are completed proper tests and certificates will be issued.

The examination can range from visual inspection, NDT inspection, function testing, or load testing. Once the item has passed inspection a “Report of Thorough Examination” is produced.

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