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diondo GmbH - X-ray systems and services

diondo GmbH - X-ray systems and services are leading manufacturers and service providers in the field of innovative system solutions and software solutions for non-destructive material testing and metrology in the global market.

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Today, with more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of industrial computed tomography systems, diondo are leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of innovative system solutions and software solutions for non-destructive material testing and metrology in the global market.

Due to the CT Scan Service which includes everything from Micro CT up to Linac CT,  customers benefit from an equally broad as well as profound application knowledge.

This and an extensive, constantly expanding kit of components and function modules ultimately lead to innovative CT and DR systems for non-destructive, complete and true-to-scale examinations of the inner and outer structures of any object.

Leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers of the automotive and aviation industry, companies in the growth sectors of mechanical engineering, energy and electronics and institutes.

Products & Services
diondo d2

Powerful micro-CT system for small to medium-sized components

The versatile micro CT system diondo d2 has been optimized for the analysis and measurement of small to medium-sized components. The wide range of applications ranges from classic non-destructive analysis to high-precision metrological coordinate measuring technology in accordance with VDI/VDE 2630 1.3 to series-accompanying production control. Due to its great versatility, the micro CT system sets new standards in science and industry alike.


High-resolution 3D analyzes

from low-density materials to entire assemblies

Brilliant 3K detector

for 30% greater detail recognition with the shortest measurement times

Optional dual tube configuration

Microfocus & Nanofocus tubes up to max. 

300 kV guarantees excellent material penetration

Multi-axis granite manipulator

with continuously adjustable focus-detector distance for maximum resolution

Extensive functional modules

for autonomous trade fair operations, 

in situ analysis and much more.


Test methods that leave nothing hidden

Three-dimensional measuring and testing of additively manufactured components, electromechanical assemblies, plastic workpieces [connectors, switches, housings, etc.], light metal cast components [pistons, housings, heat exchangers, etc.], composite materials [CFRP, GRP] and high-alloy steels [ valves, tensile samples, etc.].

Industry sectors

  • Automotive industry
  • electronics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Science & Research
  • Aerospace
  • Materials Science
  • Medical technology
  • Plastic processing
diondo d4

Compact computed tomography inspection system for medium and large components with high densities

The powerful computer tomography system diondo d4 is optimized for high-resolution 3D measurement of medium-sized to large components such as cylinder heads or crankcases and the analysis of high-density test objects such as turbine blades. 

The small space requirement of the computer tomography system makes it easier to integrate into an existing production or laboratory environment, thanks to the Plug & Play principle, the system is ready for operation shortly after installation.


High-performance tubes up to 600 kV

for sufficient power reserves even for test objects that are difficult to irradiate

Compact design

by integrating the entire peripherals

Robust 3K detector 

for greater detail recognition with short measurement times


Test methods that leave nothing hidden

The diondo d4 CT system is ideal for measuring and testing medium-sized to large high-density components such as: 

  • cylinder heads
  • Engine and gearbox housings 
  • Steel and iron casting 
  • Aluminum and steel components
  • Electric motors
  • Pistons
diondo d7

High-performance linear accelerator CT system for analyzing and testing high-density components

The linear accelerator CT system diondo d7 is the most powerful CT system in the product family and for the analysis of high-density components (engine blocks, crankcases, stators, turbine blades, etc.) made of titanium, copper, steel or thick-walled aluminium. The focus of the use of such powerful CT systems is primarily on component analysis to detect manufacturing or material defects as well as checking the shape and wall thickness of the test object.



Performance classes 3 MeV, 6 MeV and 9 MeV

Infinitely adjustable working ranges


Adapted to customer requirements and available in different sizes

Flat detector

High-resolution (140 µm) flat detector

optimized for Linac-CT

Line detector

High-resolution (200 µm) flat detector

optimized for Linac-CT

Radiation protection solutions

in a compact hybrid design

On request, diondo offers complete radiation protection solutions designed as a walk-in radiation protection room [concrete] or in a compact hybrid design. diondo's tailor-made radiation protection concepts are planned and implemented in close cooperation with the customers and taking into account the specific requirements on site.

We accompany our customers from the first planning phase to the successful radiation protection acceptance of entire buildings.

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