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DIMATE GmbH is an innovative and dynamic company based in Germany. We want to pave the way for the digitalization of your company – and to accompany you on this journey.

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We are convinced that digitalization has the potential to make test processes more efficient and facilities safer. How? By optimizing processes and increasing quality as well as transparency and reliability. The DIMATE products and services take the workflow steps along the NDT process chain and transfer them to the digital world. The digital transformation with DIMATE ranges from digital image acquisition, assessment, management and archiving to the establishment of lifetime documentation. With our software solutions DIMATE PACS and DIMATE CCM we digitize the NDT test procedures in material testing, inspection and maintenance.
Products & Services

Your next step toward the future of inspections - a powerful software for connecting, managing and evaluating your inspection data.

PACS is a software that links your existing systems and devices to acquire, standardize and store your inspection data in a structured way. It creates a source for a digital twin and enables you to access, transmit and distribute information fully digital. Powered by AI, the software recognizes, analyzes and predicts asset defects. Simply put, PACS saves you time and money by bringing structure to your data and security to your assets.


The DIMATE CCM is designed not only for test images and reports, but also for all the information regarding a test object – from manuals to orders and assessments to certificates and drawings. A continuously updated DIMATE CCM thus provides a 360° digital lifetime documentation of the test object. All information regarding a test object is successively consolidated and can easily be retrieved.


A new tool for digital condition monitoring and documentation of defects on components and equipment.

For the proof of condition or the documentation of defects on components or plant parts, a photo is often useful in addition to the typical (NDT) inspection procedures. And for this special purpose the DIMATE NDT Photo App has been developed, so that photos can be planned or taken immediately on demand and assigned directly to a component.

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