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Destec Engineering Ltd

Destec was formed in 1969, by the present owners of the company, and it has remained a Private Limited Company ever since.


United Kingdom

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Destec was formed in 1969, by the present owners of the company, and it has remained a Private Limited Company ever since.  In over 50 years of trading the company has developed both products and services to industry, particularly where design and supply is concerned, with ‘High Pressure Containment’ and ‘On-Site Machining’ being the specialist lines.

The management of the company had previously (1959 – 1969) been substantially involved in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of ‘Ruston-Grayloc’ clamp-type pipe connectors and seals. From 1969 – 1972 Destec Engineering was engaged by Gray Tool Co. (Grayloc), to continue with all aspects of the high pressure pipe connector market, on its behalf.

Since 1969 Destec have been committed to the design and manufacture of portable machine tools, partly for installation and servicing of company products, and also as a general On-Site Machining Service. Destec now have a most versatile and very wide range of in-house designed and manufactured portable machine tools that can undertake most machine shop operations on-site, on a world wide basis.

Destec has a fully equipped machine workshop with a wide selection of CNC lathes, vertical boring and milling machines. Capacity on turning is up to 2 metres diameter by 1.5 metres high held on a ø1600mm chuck on our largest vertical machining centre. CNC milling machines have capacity up to 3metres long by 800mm wide or 2 metres by 1.4 metres and general-purpose machine tools enable the company to offer a versatile machining facility.

Products & Services

Designed specifically as an Inspection Cap they have all the features required by Boiler and Pressure Plant operators.

Available in 3 sizes:- 40mm, 100mm & 150mm full through bore at maximum pressure and temperature rating.

  • Ease of Access
  • Extreme Leak Tightness
  • Re-Useable Seal Rings
  • Standard Fittings
  • Long Service Life

“For the price of Destec Inspection Caps, how much longer can you afford to use standard welded caps with all the welding, N.D.T and heat treatment involved”.


Years of involvement in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, and similar industries has allowed Destec Engineering Ltd to build up a portfolio of inspection services that include metrological and NDE skills. Up to date test equipment, allied with a strong skills base combining experience with formal training and qualifications gives us expertise in a wide range of inspection functions.

These are now available as a service at either our Washingborough site or, if applicable, at your location.

Positive Material Identification.

Destec Engineering Ltd can undertake positive material identification (PMI) using a Niton’s XL2  portable alloy analyser, identifying a wide range of elements. This can be used on raw materials, pipework, fittings and weld materials. Applications include:

  • Sorting and identifying unmarked materials.
  • Confirmation of material supplied.
  • Analysis of weld material.

Results can be demonstrated on a simple Pass/Fail basis, or a certificate can be generated giving individual elemental composition.

All operators are manufacturer trained, and have undertaken certified Radiation Protection training.


MPI can be undertaken utilizing the Company’s unique Karl Deutsch Deutroflux UWS 1500 bench, which simultaneously applies field current in circular and axial direction, ensuring full component coverage for flaws in any direction. Component capacity of 1500mm length, with coil dia size of 40mm ensures large components can easily be processed, and revolving heads ensure full 360° viewing. Threader bars are available in order to increase small component throughput.

PLC controls ensure repeatable parameters, and all magnetization data can be downloaded in order to produce comprehensive certification.

For components that cannot be taken to a dark room (such as in- service), the yoke and black ink method is available.


DPI can be undertaken in both colour contrast water washable and hydrophilic post emulsifiable techniques.

The hydrophilic post emulsifiable  technique has tank capacities of 100 gallons, allowing rapid processing of small high volume components. For larger components, and for where dark room facilities are not available (such as in service/situ), colour contrast provides an ideal solution.

Where surface breaking cracks are found, these can be gauged using a crack depth meter, to allow accurate assessment as to the relevance and serviceability of parts.


UT is undertaken using a Sonatest Sitescan 123W flaw detector unit and appropriate probes, ensuring as close to 100% sweep as geometry allows.

NDE operators are qualified to both PCN and approved written practice schemes to Level II, allowing operation in a variety of industries, including petrochemical, rail, and aerospace.

Ferrite Testing

A FERITSCOPE® FMP30 is utilized for fast, non-destructive and accurate measurement of ferrite content on-site or in shop. Content can be measured either in Ferrit-percentage “%Fe” or in Ferrit numbers “FN”.  Measurement can be undertaken on welds, cladding, or base materials in austenitic and duplex steels. Certification available.

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