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Derrick Services (UK) Limited

Derrick Services (UK) Limited (DSL) is an established Offshore and Onshore Contractor providing both the global Oil and Gas and Renewables sectors with a broad spectrum of products and services.


United Kingdom

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Derrick Services (UK) Limited (DSL) is an established Offshore and Onshore Contractor providing both the global Oil and Gas and Renewables sectors with a broad spectrum of products and services. Established in 2004 DSL has gained a proven reputation within the industry for safety, quality, reliability, and professionalism.

In 2016 DSL was acquired by Joulon an Asset Integrity platform to grow the business. With a background in specialized manufacturing, fabrication supply, and servicing for global on/offshore production & drilling operators.

DSL has evolved in line with the international oil, gas, and renewables industry to safely provide upstream support services at all junctures of our client’s asset lifecycle. Whatever stage of the Asset lifecycle you are operating, DSL can support you with highly specialized and efficient services.

Products & Services

DSL Derrick Inspectors are qualified for the API Approved Training for API 4G Drilling Structure Inspections. DSL is also API 4F licensed for the design & manufacture of Drilling Structures & 8C for Crown Blocks and Hoisting Systems. Therefore, both Inspector and Company are the qualified solutions for the inspection of your drilling structure, whether it is a Derrick, Mast and Substructure, Trailer Rig, Carrier Rig, Derrick Equipment Set, or any other Drilling Structure.

A quick search of the internet will present you with a whole variety of different companies offering to undertake these inspections for you. You don’t have to look too deeply to realize that most of these are either unqualified or lacking the relevant product knowledge or experience, therefore, hiding these facts with words and reference to specifications distract you from the fact that they are simply not qualified.

The facts remain that unqualified companies and/or personnel increase the risk to your operations as DSL represents both a reduction in risk and a positive move toward a safer working environment.

Derrick/mast-related incidents on land rigs and offshore derricks still represent an unacceptable amount of oil rig accidents, which is not helped by untrained or inexperienced personnel and companies inspecting drilling derricks.

The API-approved course that DSL has developed and successfully implemented now provides the industry with the standard with which to move forward and further improve the safety statistics of derrick-related incidents.

DSL carries out API 4G Cat III & IV Inspections all over the World on a day-to-day basis.


DSL provides Drilling Contractors with an on-site testing and calibration service for Temperature Units, Pressure Units, and Pressure Safety / Relief Valves by international codes and compliance with manufacturers' recommended practices. DSL provides customized testing containers (10ft x 8ft) to support and facilitate the inspection, testing, certification, and calibration.

DSL testing containers are custom-built by DSL to the highest standard to enable a professional and efficient service that is achieved by creating a safe environment in a controlled laboratory; this means that DSL inspection personnel are independent from Rig Workshops / Resources and Equipment.

Because our PRV containers are self-sufficient this helps ensure a high standard of inspection and maintenance of the pressure relief valves in a controlled environment. All our PRV Technicians are full-time employees of DSL and are experienced in Fluid and air pressure testing with a knowledge of the API and ASME Standards



DSL, as an IRATA approved company, provides rope access technicians for both offshore and onshore requirements, Worldwide.

DSL rope access personnel stand out from most of our competitors in that many of our personnel are also trades personnel such as Rope Access Welders, Rope Access Electricians, Rope Access Platers and Rope Access Riggers, not to mention Inspection personnel.

This in turn enables us to support a diverse range of customer requirements from simple rigging exercises, inspection activities, through to electrical and piping work-scopes, as well as the assembly and/or dismantling of structures such as drilling derricks or any other steel erection activity.

We maintain a rope access workforce of approximately 60 personnel throughout the year, with additional personnel taken during peak periods.

Due to the significant amount of work that we do on mobile drilling units our personnel understand and appreciate the need to get work-scopes completed on time and of course safely.

Our Rope Access Services are supported by our comprehensive Safety Management System that ensure every element of our operations is conducted in a controlled environment so as to afford our personnel, (and your project), with the minimum of risk in their work, and this is reflected in our safety record.

The fact that we are also have our own in-house engineering and fabrication capability, as well as being an ISO 9001 accredited company, provides you with the comfort and knowledge that we are not simply a labour supply outfit, but that we are heavily involved in a variety of construction related activities.

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