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Deeplify's core mission is to integrate advanced computer vision and AI technologies into Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).



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At Deeplify, their mission is to integrate computer vision and AI into the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), making these advanced technologies more accessible. They recognize that the immense potential of computer vision and AI is often constrained by the complexity of developing and applying advanced algorithms, which can be a barrier for many organizations. 

They founded Deeplify to democratize the use of computer vision and AI in NDT, ensuring businesses of all sizes and industries can leverage these technologies. This platform is specifically designed to simplify the analysis of NDT, enabling companies to automate data evaluation. This leads to enhanced defect detection, improved safety, and increased operational efficiency. It allows for the extraction of critical insights, facilitating data-driven decisions that further enhance efficiency and optimize resource allocation.

Products & Services
deeplify Vision

Computer Vision Platform

All In One System

Complete solution for automated inspection systems.

Inspection devices

Includes customizable inspection devices with real-time AI recognition.

Management platform

Cloud-based management platform for easy data and device management.

Custom AI models

Automatic or expert-created AI algorithms for customized solutions.

Inspection management

Control and update devices at multiple global locations independently.

How it Works

1. Upload data

This step involves collecting and uploading sample images that serve as input for the initial AI model training.

2. Label data

The quality of data you feed the AI models is crucial. Our labelling tool will help you to label data to attain maximum accuracy.

3.  Set up and train model

We provide a customized AI model for your use case. You decide to either use automated training or seek expert assistance for further customization.

4. Evaluate model

You can evaluate the accuracy of the model. Moreover, you can update and refine the initial AI model through the platform.

5. Deploy model

The model can be deployed on either cloud or edge devices with one click to facilitate smooth communication with industrial devices and programmable logic controllers (PLC).

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