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CRYSOUND,the brand“CRY" comes from the initials of our founder Cao RuiYing. At CRYSOUND, we are passionate about what we do.



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CRYSOUND,the brand“CRY" comes from the initials of our founder Cao RuiYing.  At CRYSOUND, we are passionate about what we do. Through nearly 30 years of professional acoustic knowledge exploration and application, CRYSOUND continues to provide professional acoustic services to solve the world's most complicated acoustic testing challenges for our clients. We are committed to realizing our mission to make acoustic measurements easier than ever. 

Our technology are widely used for the electroacoustic testing of consumer electronics, environmental noise monitoring, detection of defects in automotive components,and industrial predictive maintenance. Not only that, our acoustic imaging technology has also widely helped factories achieve energy-saving production and intelligent upgrading, responding to global decarbonization strategy, but also solved their production safety problems and freed patrol inspectors from heavy work. After decades of cooperation with customers, CRYSOUND's products have been sold to 50+ countries. Its customers include Beats, Samsung, Harman, SONY, State Grid of China, SINOPEC, Honda, Nestel and other well-known domestic and overseas brands. 

In the future, CRYSOUND will aim to build the world's most influential brand in the field of acoustics by empowering all industries with acoustic test solutions.

Products & Services
CRY6151B Electroacoustic analysis system

CRY6151B is a full-featured electroacoustic tester newly launched by CRY Sound. It is powerful and stable. It can measure the performance indicators of headphones (USB, Bluetooth, anti-noise), microphones (electret, MEMS, moving-coil type), headphone and microphone assemblies, receivers/headphone speakers, speakers/loudspeakers (common, Bluetooth), loudspeaker crossover devices, and other electroacoustic devices, such as sensitivity (SPL), impedance, distortion (THD), resonance frequency F0, left and right headphone balance, left and right headphone position, phase polarity, microphone current and voltage, SNR, microphone directivity, speaker's TS parameters, telephone receiving and sending loudness ratings, etc. Its test frequency range can be up to 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

Measurement microphone sets

According to customers' typical measurement needs, we provide you with measurement microphone sets. These sets can meet most of your needs. We provide different interfaces to make these measurement microphone sets easily connect to professional measurement systems. Our measurement microphones use titanium film structure, which has extremely high stability and accuracy even in harsh environments. Each measurement microphone undergoes rigorous aging tests before leaving the factory to ensure good stability.

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