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Building Ultrasonic Transducers Is Our Core Business, But Our Priority Is Taking Care Of Our Customers


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After 18 years of building and designing transducers for companies all over the world, I realized a few things were missing.  In today’s business environment I know how important it is for a company to have a vision that continuously evolves and improves with our customers changing needs.  

Here at CoreNDT, we vow to always put the customer first.  We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing a transducer manufacturer, so we promise to provide not only the highest quality products, but also the highest quality service.   We have a passion for building high quality transducers, but even more than that, we love making our customers happy.  

Products & Services
Ultrasonic Transducers

angle beams

angle beam transducers are used in conjunction with a wedge to introduce a refracted shear wave into the material being tested.  Our standard angle beams are built to be low noise and offer substantial power.

Available in frequencies from 1 MHz to 10 MHz and in a wide variety of sizes.


Immersion transducers are designed to be watertight and operate underwater.  They have an impedance matching layer which helps to allow more sound energy into the water which continues into the part being inspected.

  • Available in a wide range of frequencies (1Mhz – 15MHz+)
  • Flat, Spherical, or Cylindrical Focus
  • Many connector types available (UHF, BNC, and MicroDot)


Rugged and built to withstand direct contact with a variety of materials, our line of contact transducers feature wear plates and wear rings to hold up to rigorous inspections.  

Available in a wide range of frequencies from 1 MHz to 10 MHz, and sizes from .125″ up to 1.125″.  

protective face

Protected face transducers allow a wide variety of materials to be tested through the use of a wear cap, membrane, or delay line over the face of the transducer.  In addition, this transducer can be used in direct contact with some materials to offer the user increased power while testing certain materials.

delay line

Typically used for thickness gauging and searching for delamination, these transducers use a removeable delay line to introduce a time delay into the sound wave.  This helps to improve near surface resolution.  

Available in a wide range of frequencies from 1 MHz to 15+ MHz, and sizes from .125″ up to .500″.

Delays are standard in .500″ lengths but available in custom lengths and shapes for custom job applications.

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