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Comet Yxlon

Good solutions start with good questions. At Comet Yxlon, our curiosity and passion for technology are the drivers behind our collaborative approach in product development.



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Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.

Good solutions start with good questions. At Comet Yxlon, our curiosity and passion for technology are the drivers behind our collaborative approach in product development. Based on customer feedback, we develop high-end X-ray and CT system solutions that enable non-destructive testing in the semiconductor/electronics, automotive and aerospace industries – from R&D labs to production settings.

With our headquarters in Hamburg, sales and service locations inSan Jose (California), Yokohama, Shanghai, Hsinshu (Taiwan) and Suwon (Korea), as well as a network of representatives in over 50 countries, Comet Yxlon serves customers locally – all over the world.

Pioneering spirit meets decades of experience.

Innovation is an old tradition at Comet Yxlon. Our roots go back to the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895 and the construction of the first X-ray tube by Carl Heinrich Florenz Müller in Hamburg in 1896. Their legacy still inspires us today in our effort to develop cutting-edge inspection solutions that create sustainable progress.

Part of Comet.

We’re proud to be part of Comet, the globally leading Swiss technology company with a focus on plasma control and X-ray technology.

We benefit from their prime market position, financial strength and many support functions. The close, but independent cooperation between our divisions helps reduce complexity and increase development times.

Products & Services
Getting you started

All’s well that starts well: Our professional installation and trainings will ease your way into working with your new inspection system.

Bringing the system to life: installation & commissioning

The Comet Yxlon Field Service technicians or certified service providers put your new X-ray system into an operational state using system-specific work routines.

Power on: introductory training

You’ll learn about the first steps of usage, safety handling, and security obligations through handover protocols and an introductory session with your new system on-site. The effective and efficient usage of our systems is part of our Comet Yxlon Academy training solutions.

Correct measurements from the start: SmartCalibration

For our metrology versions and all other precision CT systems, we use our SmartCalibration tools to ensure measurement capabilities in the field. Comet Yxlon Field Service technicians are qualified to calibrate the system even in challenging conditions.

Flat-rate service prices

To minimize travel expense accounting and to create cost transparency from the beginning, we offer flat rates for our Comet Yxlon Field Services. These include pre-defined flat rates per installation, on-site visits, and time-based travel expenses by air and ground transport and other special services.

Running things smoothly

Is there an issue? No problem. Our skilled service technician team helps with troubleshooting, maintenance, and part exchange for an easy operation of your Comet Yxlon system.

High efficiency: VisualAssist

Comet Yxlon's VisualAssist reduces your production running cost and enhances up-time through effective remote support. Thanks to the integrated VoIP and video streaming capabilities, our service technicians can act more quickly and effectively to recover full system availability.

High efficiency: remote control

In cases where on-site failure diagnosis and corrective procedures would be too cost-intensive, they can be executed by remote control. Comet Yxlon service technicians will log into your system via a secure internet connection or use solutions like TeamViewer.

Phone support

The Comet Yxlon expert hotline 24/7 reduces down-time and operating expenses by helping to avoid on-site appointments with our service engineers. To optimally support you, we recommend using Service Level Agreements. For more information about contact data and availability, use the Support button.

Field Service: on-site visits

After evaluating the necessity and options of solving the problem on-site, we dispatch our certified service technicians to your location – worldwide. We love to live up to your expectations: Our Service Level Agreements optimally support your needs. For more information, contact us via the Support button.

Preventive maintenance

The timely inspection and evaluation of our X-ray systems, components, and associated equipment serve to maintain and ensure operational safety and prevent unnecessary repair costs and downtimes. To protect the flawless performance of our systems, we perform required maintenance tasks within the needed intervals on a regular base.


To significantly reduce downtimes, save valuable resources and minimize the economic impact of an X-ray generator repair, Comet Yxlon offers the SmartExchange service. In case of a defect, we send out a replacement for your generator immediately, even before the defective one arrives at our workshop – all for an exchange fee based on the age and the operating mode of your Comet Yxlon system.


High-end system monitoring and measuring, especially in electronics and aerospace, is a crucial element in SmartCalibration to ensure system inspection quality. Whenever a new base calibration is required, our qualified service technician will come to you and perform the necessary procedure with Comet Yxlon calibrated measuring equipment.

Service Level Agreements

The various Comet Yxlon Service Level Agreements are based on different performance factors. ServicePass was designed to achieve fast reaction times and seamless maintenance, while SmartPass is perfect for customers who call for the highest possible system availability. LifeCyclePass is our all-inclusive premium contract for guaranteed lifecycle costs. To learn more about the specifics of our different Service Level Agreements, please contact us via the Support button.

Service parts

Original Comet Yxlon service parts are your guarantee of maintaining system performance at the highest and most defined level. In addition, they offer a full warranty, the highest level of safety, are a perfect fit, and maintain the value of your system. Through our international Service Centers, we deliver needed parts just in time while providing the best warranty conditions available on the market.


These are original Comet Yxlon service parts, e.g., adapted and/or assembled to the application. They are based on a risk assessment and increase the immediate repair rate of your system through remote support or during on-site service visits. On request, Comet Yxlon offers its customers predefined service parts in shockproof industrial cases. These SmartCases are specially assembled by system type for different system usage scenarios to maximize system availability even under difficult conditions.

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