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Central NDT

Central NDT provides NDT technical support and training to the pipeline industry


United States

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Central NDT provides NDT technical support and training to the pipeline industry. Since 1994 our services have included: Level III NDT auditing, consulting & related services, NDT auditor & technician qualification testing, RT specification & procedure review, API 1104 training, consulting, and welder & welding procedure qualification testing (destructive weld testing).

By helping our Client’s maximize the utilization of NDT services, we are able to mitigate costly errors. One way we accomplish this is through vigilance, with the most seasoned and experienced Level III NDT auditors in the pipeline industry. Our sharp focus on quality workmanship translates into a record of safety and excellence for the Client.

Our qualification testing program sets the benchmark for performance standards for pipeline NDT field technicians and auditors. The Central NDT qualification certificate signifies quality and competency. The individual who possesses our qualification certificate has demonstrated a superior knowledge base and skillset.

In today’s pipeline NDT industry, only about 60% of candidates will successfully complete the Central NDT Level II RT qualification test. Qualification testing provides the Client with independent, 3rd party, objective data. It permits the Client the choice of selecting for the most desirable NDT field personnel.

Products & Services
Training & Certifications

The RT Qualification Exam includes:

  • General Exam - is a closed book examination that covers the basic principles of the radiographic test method.
  • Specific Exam - Written examination covering the ability to read, interpret and apply specifications, procedures, and codes to industrial radiographic inspection.
  • Radiographic Interpretation - Review radiographs to find and report flaws according to written specifications.

NDT Training – Central NDT Training is in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 or your company’s specifications.  We can tailor the training courses to meet your company’s specific needs. These courses cover the basic theory, application of method to applicable codes/standards, and hands-on training. We currently offer Level I and II courses in the following methods:

Radiographic Testing (RT) - Forty hour course on industrial radiation safety and eight hour courses on film interpretation of weldments covering:

Fundamentals of radiation

  • Effects on living tissue
  • Time, distance, shielding
  • Access controls and postings
  • Emergency procedures
  • Identification and classification of defects found in pipeline weldments
  • Evaluating acceptability of defects to specific codes
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