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A dynamic imaging and IT leader with more than 100 years of leadership.

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Innovation That’s Life Changing.

That is our vision for customers, patients and our communities.

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Carestream has more than 755 patents granted worldwide. We are one of the top global providers of digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems with a track record for innovation, including our DRX family of DR systems that feature the advanced, wireless CARESTREAM DRX Plus Detector, which is compatible across all our DRX equipment.

Our Non-Destructive Testing organization has a proven track record in serving industrial safety and inspection markets. Our customer-focused development teams continually work to ensure our NDT products can perform high-quality radiographic testing anywhere in the world.

Carestream Health is a dynamic global company with over 100 years of leadership. We are passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to help our customers be successful. It’s that simple and that clear.

We serve customers in the following market segments:

We are committed to ensuring your success and exceeding your expectations by providing the absolute best customer experience. We’ve formalized this with the eXceed Commitment.

Products & Services
HPX-1 Plus Digital System

The HPX-1 Plus has the capability to handle extra-long plates, custom cut plates & rigid cassettes. Improved optics for better imaging, 30% faster throughput on long saturated plates.


Plate size flexibility

  • HPX-1 Plus can handle a wide range of plate sizes up to 60" long, ranging from 70 mm – 14-inch wide

Wide dynamic range

  • Provides wide dynamic imaging range in a single shot
  • Reduces many multi-film shots to a single CR exposure

Subdued or room light capabilities

  • HPX-1 can work in an environment with subdued lighting (does not need to be dark)
  • Light cover masks out most outside light during scan
  • Can run bare imaging plates or with a rigid cassettes (this can be used in normal room light)

Halogen “Smart” erase

  • Improved SmartErase system applies calculated light intensity erase based upon exposure received
  • HPX-1 Plus improved throughput from optimized erase system

Superior image viewing tools

  • Image viewing tools allow displayed images to be enhanced digitally to aid in interpretation without altering the Original Image Data
  • Customizable multilayered image display filter

Specifically built for NDT applications:

  • Multiple fans and filters maintain positive internal air pressure to keep dust, debris  unfiltered air out of the system
  • Integrated brushes and seals keep environmental light and dirt out
  • Rubber feet absorb ambient vibrations in the field
  • Ergonomically designed handles for easy transport
  • Dust cover for extra storage protection in industrial environments
  • Withstood rigorous drop testing (100 g impact force)
  • Withstood variable amplitude and frequency vibration test
HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

The HPX-PRO Portable CR System is designed for high throughput digital imaging in rugged NDT environments. It's lightweight (35lbs/16Kg), portable and can be set-up in less than 5 minutes.

Hardware Features:

Simple User Controls

Includes easy-to-read System Status, Power, and Ethernet Connectivity LEDs, with a separate LED scale for Battery Power.

Filter/Air Vents

Replaceable air filter to keep out dust and dirt.

Fold-up Feed Doors with Extensions

Both the entry and exit doors fold up to seal off the unit from dirt and dust when in transport or not being used. A magnet holds the doors closed. Each door has an extension to support up to a 17” long plate.

Detachable Handle

Can be removed via two Phillips screws to reduce height (to 14”).  Mobile film labs don’t have a lot of extra room and when you’re trying to fit something between the bottom and top cabinets every inch counts. 

Battery Holders

Includes powered mount for usage and storage mount for second battery, providing 4 hours of standby time and 45 minutes of imaging time per battery.

Mounting Bracket

Allows you to secure the unit to a mounting plate during transportation. The optional mounting bracket can be attached to the work surface enabling the HPX-PRO to be quickly snapped into a harness for transport on rough roads. At the end of the day simply remove it for safe storage in a climate-controlled environment.

Ethernet and Power Connections

Set up the unit in less than 5 minutes. Simply connect an Ethernet and power cable and you are ready to work.

Carry Strap

Comes with detachable strap for over-the-shoulder carrying in transport.

Software Features

Rapid Job Setup

With INDUSTREX Software setup of customer parameters, automated electronic FLASH creation on each image and automatic incremental shot numbering make getting ready to shoot fast and easy.

In Batch Mode, define shot parameters and input how many welds to shoot. Set-up the weld numbering and turn on the auto increment feature to name welds as plates process.

Image, Analyze & Approve in Seconds

Batch Mode was added to our INDUSTREX software so the HPX-PRO can keep up with film. Unlike other CR systems, the HPX-PRO scans and erases in one pass, thus eliminating wait-time for the plate to come back out during erase.

The HPX-PRO is designed to process a weld a minute (based on 5-3/4” imaging plate length). Including scanning, erasing and image display on the monitor with a pre-set EDGE filter already applied.

Customized Reporting

Make customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in a matter of seconds. When creating the work report, simply select the welds to be included and click “create report”.  Generate a custom-made multi-line or single weld-style reports within seconds with pre-selected data.

HPX-DR Non-Glass Detector

The HPX-DR Non-Glass detector incorporates a tougher material instead of glass for maximum durability against the rigors of NDT field work.


  • Durable non-glass design eliminates costly repairs of breaking glass on the job!
  • Comes with a 2-Year warranty and FREE loaner* (*US and Canada only) for maximum uptime and cost of back-up detectors
  • 139 μm pixel pitch for high-resolution imaging
  • Large format (350 x 430mm) and thin profile (14.7mm)
  • Heavy-duty shielding designed specifically for high exposure NDT applications
  • Protective, weatherproof enclosure – perfect for remote fieldwork
  • Close-to-edge imaging capability
  • Robust wireless connectivity
  • Uses the same INDUSTREX software on your current Carestream NDT digital products
  • Powerful lithium-ion batteries with battery ‘hot-swap’ to keep the detector running during battery change
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