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Capix Ltd is a long established, High Profile Supplier of Professional Film and Paper Processing equipment and Contract Support Services within The UK and Ireland.


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Welcome to Capix

Capix Ltd is a long established, High Profile Supplier of Professional Film and Paper Processing equipment and Contract Support Services within The UK and Ireland.


We Offer a comprehensive range of equipment from Colenta Labortechnik in Austria for the processing of Photographic, PCB, Industrial (NDT) and Medical X-Ray Media, as well as related ancillary equipment.


Established in 1987 we have over 30 years of experience and offer a truly inclusive service from equipment supply to installation and service support. Capix is also the sole partner for Cruse high-end scanning equipment.

Products & Services
NDT Film Processors

Colenta provide a full range of processor options and accessories for processing NDT films. Their robust design, build quality and low maintenance requirements make them to an ideal choice for use in this very specialized market.

Features of COLENTA NDT Processors

The COLENTA intermediate rinse bath (prewash) system with squeegee rollers between fixer bath and main wash tank, offers a double wash or cascade wash facility, whereby the prewash takes the main part of the silver containing fixer carryover, suitable for separate collection or connection to an inline treatment unit – See our Metafix range of electrolytic silver recovery units.


Additionally the intermediate rinse baths system gives consistently clean film/paper with minimal carryover of chemistry into the next solution, and savings in the replenishment costs and daily cleaning time. Crossover rollers located above liquid level are designed for easy removal and cleaning.


For COLENTA’s INDX-processors, a delayed wash water supply (especially an issue when programmed for extended processing cycles) is a standard feature. The microprocessor controller monitors the positions of the films while travelling through the processor and supplies water to the wash section when a film enters this section. As an additional option, the amount of washwater supplied can be linked to the size (m2) of film entering the wash section – an attractive water saving feature.


The COLENTA roller transport system does not use spring tensioned opposed rollers or metal guides, which can cause pressure marks and scratches on the emulsion.

Any length of roll film can be processed. All transport rollers are below solution level, eliminating crystallization and dirt build-up on the roller surface that could cause damage to the emulsion or dirt related quality problems. The submerged rollers are designed to balance in solution consequently reducing pressure and wear on bearings - virtually eliminating maintenance costs and extending the life of the racks.


The COLENTA transport racks are individually identified and fitted with maintenance free inline precision gearing systems to give trouble free operation.


COLENTA’s programmable multi channel memory microprocessor controller, allows the operator to preset exact processing data parameters. All indications are given on the digital display on the CPU board of the microprocessor, where all error indications are also shown. For error indications and film feed release an additional audible signal is available. Functions like automatic standby, water saver, antioxidation and anticrystallization cycle, automatic start/stop function, are state of the art for COLENTA processing equipment.


We replenish exactly according to the amount of square cm/inches of film surface fed into the processor - we use pulsed infrared sensors for our replenishment system, instead of mechanical replenishment switches.


COLENTA’s slim roller transport rack design results in low volume tank processors - already a big move forward to forthcoming new processing technologies - LTTV (Low Thin Tank Volume) technology. Also due to the slim COLENTA rack design, a small surface of chemistry is exposed to the air, reducing air oxidation. Both advantages - less air oxidation and easy, quick complete turnover of the whole content of the low volume COLENTA processor tanks by normal (or even reduced) replenishment rates lead to more consistent high quality processing results.  

Medical X-Ray Processors

Colenta Mediphot X-Ray processors are designed for the automatic developing of x-ray images to meet a varied range of x-ray department requirements and applications. From low throughput tabletop to high capacity standalone machines, we have a solution for your specific requirements.

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