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Buffalo Inspection Services

Buffalo Inspection Services has been serving the NDE and NDT inspection industry since 1979.



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Buffalo Inspection Services has been serving the NDE and NDT inspection industry since 1979. Our success has been based on responding to our client's needs - delivering safe & reliable results with uncompromised quality & transparency. We understand the need to be partners with our clients and we honour this commitment, through business intelligence to support client expansion, maintenance and asset integrity efforts.

Products & Services

Buffalo Inspection Services has been supporting the pipeline industry in Western Canada with full spectrum NDT services for over 30 years.

Our geographic footprint allows us to respond to all requests along the major Oil and Gas pipeline and development corridors, quickly and cost effectively.

We actively update our equipment, technology and personnel’s certifications to maintain currency with our clients and industry requirements.

From new build to pipeline digs, our depth of experience and body of knowledge are available upon request to ensure your pipeline project is done to the highest quality and in the most cost effective manner.

All of our pipeline activities are fully supported by our Quality and Safety Program; all personnel and projects are audited consistently to ensure compliance with client and current regulatory requirements.

We offer an extensive list of pipeline specific NDT solutions all designed to prevent unexpected losses by our clients.


Buffalo Inspection Services can help ensure that your refinery, turbine/generator, and other critical operation components meet your material integrity standards. Early detection of flaws and stresses can prevent unexpected shutdowns.

With a complete offering of NDT inspection services for your oil, gas or power generation facility, Buffalo provides exceptional value through our asset management, Level III auditing, and ability to detect flaws sooner with a high POD (probability of detection).

Pressure Equipment Integrity Management

Non-destructive inspection and testing of pressure and processing equipment, storage tanks and pipelines in the petroleum and power generation industries are a Buffalo specialty. Along with comprehensive inspection services, repair expertise, corrosion assessment and prevention.

Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Inspections

Buffalo Inspection Services tank inspectors are certified to API 653 for tank inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction. These professionals are supported by Buffalo’s CGSB certified inspectors and also have the complete support of the company’s integrity and materials staff.

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