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The BSI Board of Directors is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance which are fundamental to the success of the business.


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Corporate governance framework

 The BSI Board of Directors is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance which are fundamental to the success of the business.

The British Standards Institution is a  Royal Charter Company and is governed by its own Royal Charter and Bylaws. As the corporation is not an equity shareholder, BSI is what is called a "distributive not-for-profit corporation" because profits are reinvested back into the business.

As a royal charter company, BSI is investor-supervised in the same way as a joint-stock company, but nonetheless applies the principles of UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Board wherever applicable, and has established internal governance procedures to ensure best practice.

BSI's interest in governance began with the establishment of the Board of Directors, which mostly includes non-executive directors, and the Board can rely on the experience of well-known individuals from many business fields. The Board is supported by formal audit, remuneration and nomination committees, in which non-executive directors are the main participants, and by a Strategy, Policy and Standards Committee and a Social Responsibility Committee.

Strengthening the foundations of the frameworks of internal control and financial management and the associated monitoring and compliance systems are the rules of business ethics of the British Standards Institution (BSI), which puts ethical values ​​in mind in all aspects of its business.

The BSI Annual Report details the company's corporate governance framework.

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Standards Subscription Services

You're too busy to read updates yourself, sift through paper references, or compare standards across countries. Then let our subscription services help you. They'll alert you of updates and changes, and get the information you need right at your fingertips, when you need it.

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British Standards Online gives you instant access to every British Standard. There are 55,000 standards, available to you 24/7. You will also receive email alerts when standards are updated, letting you know when and when changes are made.

Formulate new standards

New standards are formulated when people realize the need for those standards. Perhaps a new type of product needs to be standardized, perhaps an industrial process needs to be regulated to protect workers or consumers, or perhaps a company simply decides that it needs to create its own standard to standardize its operations.

There are three main paths to drafting a standard, depending on which type needs to be drafted: British Standard, PAS Standard or Custom Standard.

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