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Bowyer Engineering Limited

Bowyer Engineering Limited was founded in Clerkenwell in 1946 when the Company initially worked in the provision of tooling and equipment for the telecommunications industry.


United Kingdom

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Bowyer Engineering Limited was founded in Clerkenwell in 1946 when the Company initially worked in the provision of tooling and equipment for the telecommunications industry. In 1969 Bowyer Engineering, by now specialising in batchwork machining, re-located to a new greenfield site in Andover as part of a London “overspill” agreement. The Company continued to evolve by establishing working relationships with other companies and began to develop and construct automated special purpose machines for use in diverse high-tech industries following a chance opportunity to design and build robotic welding fixtures for a specialist supplier.

Bowyer Engineering enjoys an excellent working relationship of over 60 years with Rolls-Royce aero engines who remain one of the Company’s largest customers. The Company initially supplied mercury slip ring units and inhibiting rigs, but much of the work now carried out is the sub-contract Research and Development of special processes for automation of single crystal wax casting and composite pinning processes. Other long-standing blue-chip customers for who we continue to provide support include IAE, Hydro, UYS and QinetiQ.

Bowyer Engineering also continue to operate in the batchwork machining field and have recently undertaken a major review of machining processes allowing a greater throughput from our dedicated 1,100 m2 machining facility. We specialise in the machining of a diverse range of materials that include super duplex, stainless steel, nimonics, Inconel, aluminium and mild steel. In 2015 5 axis capability was introduced, from which we have never looked back. We have embraced this capability and now continually push the envelope of this technology be it with tooling programming techniques of complexity of design.

Bowyer Engineering have gained a reputation as solution providers for part or complete projects and have the ability to evolve into new areas as and when required. Following-on from the success of the early special purpose machines, and taking advantage of opportunities whenever they arise, Bowyer Engineering diversified into Instrumentation in the 1980’s and subsequently expanded into NDT support early in the 21st century with the provision of EDM notching facilities.

In November 2018 we started our epic transformation of the site, while in the middle of a major customer support project. Replacing the roof, and re-locating all of our production, assembly and inspection, while maintaining full production capability, was no mean feat. We now have a class leading facility with space for expansion or flexibility to diversify our capability as required.

We have continued to invest in machinery, facilities and staff. Finishing off the building transformation with a video conferencing facility which has been beneficial during the Covid-19 era.

On St Goerge’s day 2021 we reached the milestone of 75 years in business. With some appropriate distancing and timing, we were able to celebrate with some local customers and the loyal staff. We continue to strive to deliver customer satisfaction, while maintaining our friendly family business perspective.

Products & Services
Turbine Instrumentation – Rakes and Probes for pressure & temperature measurement

Bowyer Engineering have the capability to manufacture and project manage the complete process. Manufacturing and assembling the thermocouples and pressure tubing into the fully machined rakes. Project managing, monitoring and taking ownership of any subcontract process required to manufacture the complete rake providing a one-stop-shop for the customer.

Complex foil geometries for gas path and immersion probes are produced on our 4 and 5 axis machines, with in process inspection using zero point fixturing and our automated CMM.

Complex tube manipulation and micro spot welding of shim to match them to complex aerofoil and blade forms with all processes controlled in house using blade forms and tooling manufactured on our multi axis machines.

The rakes and probes are then thoroughly inspected in our AS9100 certified quality department providing all the documentation required for on time delivery.

Special Purpose Machines & Automation

Bowyer Engineering has more than 75 years experience in designing and producing Special Purpose Machines. These projects can range from R&D concept development projects through to KPV driven bespoke production machines. We enjoy the challenge of satisfying the demands of the customer by designing, building and commissioning Special Purpose Machines to meet their needs.

Applications include machines for assembly; wax pinning machines; inhibiting rigs.

Bowyer Engineering is proud to have cutting edge technology development projects evolving in both the Manufacturing Technology Centre and the National Composite Centre. We have experience in supporting gated technology development programmes, from proof of concept to prototype through to production phases.

We work closely with controls integrators to provide electromechanical solutions, with recent specialisation in application of servo controlled linear motors, to provide precision XYZ robotic motion.

We have developed particular expertise in the design and manufacture of tooling for use in conjunction with robotic manipulators. Once predominately for use in the Automotive Industry, we now provide solutions to a wide range of manufacturers who are seeking to automate their production facilities. Most commonly, this involves the design and manufacture of fixturing to locate and clamp component parts whilst allowing robot access to MIG, TIG or spot weld the components. We also supply purpose-designed end–of-arm tooling that allows robotic manipulation for a wide variety of applications from press-tending and machine-loading to sack-grippers, pallet-lifters and box-handling and packing.

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