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Bisco Integrated Services Co. Ltd.

BISCO is a leading service provider of NDT and advanced inspection services to industries like manufacturing, oil, gas, power plants & construction.

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Saudi Arabia

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BISCO, a prominent service provider, specializes in delivering top-tier NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and advanced inspection services to a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, power plants, and construction. Established with a vision to cater to the burgeoning industrial hubs, BISCO's expertise has propelled its expansion into various industrial sectors.

Our diverse service portfolio extends from industrial civil construction services, non-metallic industrial services, and heat treatment services to supporting turnaround and inspection operations. BISCO also excels in providing security and safety solutions, solidifying its commitment to excellence in safety and quality. These principles are at the core of their mission, with the goal of not only meeting but exceeding their clients' needs, fostering long-lasting partnerships wherever possible.

BISCO's reputation for excellence has earned the trust of leading companies such as SABIC, SECO, Saudi Aramco, Advanced Petrochemical Company, MA’ADEN, SAHARA, and various other industry leaders in the Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their exceptional performance has been recognized through achievements like the SABIC Global Contract award for NDT and Inspection Services. BISCO is your definitive choice for NDT and advanced inspection services, committed to setting the highest industry standards and ensuring the satisfaction of its clients.

Products & Services
Magnetic Particle Testing

BISCO offers Magnetic particle inspection of surface & subsurface discontinuities utilizing permanent or electromagnetic yokes for inspection of materials & welds of pipes, pressure vessels & other process equipment on construction projects & process plants.


  • Can detect both surface and near-surface indications.
  • Surface preparation is not as critical compared to other NDE methods. Most surface contaminants will not hinder the detection of a discontinuity.
  • A relatively fast method of examination.
  • Indications are visible directly on the surface.
  • Low-cost compared to many other NDE methods.
  • A portable NDE method, especially when used with battery-powered yoke equipment.
  • Post-cleaning is generally not necessary.
  • A relatively safe technique; materials generally not combustible or hazardous.
  • Indications can show the relative size and shape of the discontinuity.
  • Easy to use and requires a minimal amount of training.


  • It has limited application to only ferromagnetic materials.
  • Further it is limited to disclosing only those discontinues that are at or near the surface.
Penetrant Testing

BISCO offers Liquid Penetrant testing of surface discontinuities to inspect materials & welds of pipes, pressure vessels & other process equipment on construction projects & process plants.


  • High sensitivity to small surface discontinuities
  • Easy inspection of parts with complex shapes
  • Quick and inexpensive inspection of large areas and large volumes of parts/materials
  • Few material limitations (metallic and nonmetallic, magnetic and nonmagnetic, and conductive and nonconductive can all be inspected)
  • A visual representation of the flaw is indicated directly on the part surface
  • Aerosol spray cans make the process portable, convenient, and inexpensive
  • Indications can reveal the relative size, shape, and depth of the flaw
  • It is easy and requires a minimal amount of training


  • Only surface-breaking defects can be detected.
  • Only materials with a relatively nonporous surface can be inspected.
  • Precleaning is critical since contaminants can mask defects.
  • Metal smearing from machining, grinding, and grit or vapor blasting must be removed before LPI.
  • The inspector must have direct access to the surface being inspected.
  • Surface finish and roughness can affect inspection sensitivity.
  • Multiple process operations must be performed and controlled.
  • Post-cleaning of acceptable parts or materials is required.
  • Chemical handling and proper disposal are required.
Ultrasonic Testing

BISCO Provides Ultrasonic Shear wave inspection to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels & other process equipment on construction projects & process plants. BISCO also offers Ultrasonic Longitudinal wave inspection to perform thickness measurements & corrosion scanning & mapping on the plant piping & pressure vessels as per API 510 & API 570.


  • High penetration power, allowing for flaw detection deep within a part
  • High sensitivity, allowing for the detection of very small flaws
  • Can be used to test when only one side of an object is accessible
  • Greater accuracy, when compared to other non-destructive testing methods, for determining the depth of internal flaws and the thickness of parts with parallel surfaces
  • Able to estimate the size, shape, orientation, and nature of defects
  • Able to estimate alloy structures of components with differing acoustic properties
  • Non-hazardous to nearby personnel, equipment or materials
  • Highly automated and portable operations possible
  • Immediate results can be obtained, allowing for immediate decisions to be made
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