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Bakos started BakosNDT Inspection with one Radiography unit and over the years has grown to cover a large area of northern Alberta.



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Back in 1982 Frank Bakos started BakosNDT Inspection with one Radiography unit and over the years has grown to cover a large area of northern Alberta. In 1989 Frank’s nephew Brian Bakos became a partner and took over day to day operations from Frank in 1993. Fast forward to today and the face of BakosNDT is Frank’s son Shain. Unfortunately, Frank never got to see Shain get there as he passed away in 2000.

Shain Bakos started working for the company at the age of 18 back in 1991 and after spending 7 years working in energy sector and many years in multiple power plants Shain climbed the ranks from assistant to the highest NDT qualified person in BakosNDT. Shain became the president of BakosNDT in 2004 and to this day continues his education by taking API 510,653,570 and ABSA boiler certifications.

Shain’s motto is “if we are going to offer a service I had better know how to do it.” What makes BakosNDT unique amongst its peers is that BakosNDT has been always been family owned and operated, has consistently pushed into new technologies and focused on safety and quality. As we step into this new decade and difficult times ahead we continue to push forward. The writing is on the wall: “A company cannot compete with just cheap prices. Customers are demanding better service and quality and want to know that the company they hire will do what it promises. BakosNDT has been that company and will continue to be that company for years to come.”

Products & Services
Radiography Testing

Industrial Radiography is the act of exposing radiographic film or digital medium to X and Gamma radiation that has penetrated a specimen to produce an image. Radiography is used to detect internal cracks, voids, porosity and inclusions in metallic materials as well as delamination and fracture in composites.

BakosNDT has a variety of equipment available and has performed all types of Radiography on just about any conceivable component imaginable.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization, and more.

BakosNDT has been the leader in Ultrasonic inspection in the woodlands region for many years; we currently have qualified personnel in all types of UT from basic corrosion surveys to in-depth flaw detection. We employ the latest technologies such as Phased Array, Time Of Flight Defraction, Automated UT and Shearwave. We are able to supply the industry with cutting edge Ultrasonic technology with the procedures and experience to match.

AUT (Automated Ultrasonic Testing) uses mechanized scanners that are computer controlled to move transducers over the surface of the material being inspected. As the transducer moves, the computerized system acquires ultrasonic inspection data on a predefined grid, often acquiring data from a number of different transducers at one time. The data is then displayed within the computerized interface, allowing the operator to manipulate it to provide the data displays that show the areas of interest within the inspection volume. AUT can utilize any ultrasonic transducer or technique that is in operation, examples of which are conventional ultrasonic transducers, TOFD, phased array transducers, or any combination of these. AUT inspection can be used for inspection of newly fabricated welds in lieu of radiography, and also for in-service inspection to detect and trend flaws.

NOTE: BakosNDT will gladly demonstrate any of its services.

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