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Babbitting Service, Inc. (BSI)

Babbitting Service is a leader in Babbitt bearing manufacture and repair.


United States

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Babbitting Service is a leader in Babbitt bearing manufacture and repair.  Since 1961, BSI is committed to exceeding the expectations of our global customer base by providing high-quality, precision parts for rotating equipment in all industries. From OEM to end users, BSI will produce parts with high quality, confidence, and dedication to your specifications and requirements. BSI is ISO 9001:2008 based Quality Management System (QMS) used to assure the quality of its products and services to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

BSI offers the experience and dedication required to manufacture new, high-quality parts with the best lead times including but not limited to Aluminum Oil Deflectors, Solid and Split Oil Rings, Babbitted Bearings of all Types, Labyrinth Seals, and Carrier Rings, Babbitted Seals of all Types, Tilt Pad Thrust Products, Hydrogen Seal Rings and much more.

Repair Service

BSI repair services are second to none including Re-babbitting of all babbitted parts, OD Repair, Oil Deflector Tooth Rework, Thrust Plates (tapered and standard), Hydrogen Seals, Aluminum Seals and Deflectors, RTD, Thermocouple, and Vibration Probe Installation, Tilt Pad Thrust Assemblies, Insulated Bearing Repair

Other services and parts BSI can provide: UT and other NDT Inspection, Dimensional Inspection Services, Emergency Turn Around Services · Provide provisions and installation for RTD's, TC's, And Vibration Probe

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